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  • Title: National Bank Direct Brokerage (NBDB) - Welcome
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. l.. Client Access.. Open an Account.. Français.. About NBDB.. Institutional Services.. NBC.. ca.. Contact us.. Open an account.. NBDB Advantages.. Transfers to NBDB.. Commissions and fees.. Demo Center.. Promotional offers.. Types of accounts.. Investment choices.. Transaction methods.. Online tools.. VIP Service.. Financial packages.. Market summary.. Stock market quotes.. Options center.. Mutual funds center.. ETF Center.. Seminars.. Publications available to the public.. Publications reserved for our clients.. Mailing list.. Glossary.. Investing.. Financial products.. Saving.. Retirement planning.. Tax guide.. Webcast.. Calculators.. FAQs.. Forms.. Commitment responsibilities.. Sorry, your browser don't.. support IFRAMES.. Click here.. to see the  ...   allocation.. Horizons BetaPro Prospectus.. I would like to.. Find out about your rates.. Attend a seminar.. Speak to a representative.. Transfer my account.. Make a deposit into my account.. Check out your online tools.. Find out more about NBDB.. Calculate your retirement income.. Quotes displayed in real time or with 15 minute delay.. Market Data provided by.. Interactive Data.. Terms & Conditions.. Powered and implemented by.. Interactive Data Managed Solutions.. Legal notice.. Policy statement.. Confidentiality policies.. ABC s of security.. Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.. © NATIONAL BANK OF CANADA.. All rights reserved 2008..

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  • Title: NBDB - Open an account - Personnal accounts
    Descriptive info: Personal accounts.. Special accounts.. Thank you for your trust!.. Opening an account online is easy and convenient.. It's also the fastest way!.. 1.. Take a few minutes.. to complete the.. form online.. 2.. Print, sign and mail.. the documents to us.. 3.. Obtain your.. password and.. start trading!.. Help?.. Help.. To simplify your account opening, we suggest you have on hand the following information:.. Social Insurance Number.. Banking information (Account number, transit number and Bank address).. Information on employment.. In order to print your account application, you will need.. Adobe® Acrobat® ReaderT.. If you need help at any time, simply click on the ? button or access our FAQ section in the account application form.. Don't forget that our Investor Services representatives are always available  ...   Visit us.. If you prefer to speak to someone in person about opening a brokerage account, drop by a.. branch.. near your home.. Download the forms.. You can download all the.. required forms.. in PDF format to open a new account.. Simply print, sign and return them to National Bank Direct Brokerage.. Are you a.. Select Service.. client looking to open an additional account? Call our.. Investor Services.. at 1-800-363-3511.. See also:.. at National Bank Direct Brokerage.. How to.. transfer an account.. to National Bank Direct Brokerage quickly and easily.. make a deposit.. into your account.. The list of all our.. forms.. Our.. The National Bank pays special attention to.. protecting the personal information.. you entrust to it and to its.. security.. NATIONAL BANK OF CANADA..

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  • Title: NBDB - About NBDB
    Descriptive info: About us.. Order handling.. Who are we?.. A National Bank subsidiary, National Bank Direct Brokerage was founded in 1999 and is currently the fourth largest direct broker in Canada in terms of assets under management.. With more than 100 securities brokers specifically trained to meet needs of investors and help them make their investment decisions, National Bank Direct Brokerage operates everywhere in Canada except for the territories.. In addition to discount brokerage services, National Bank Direct Brokerage offers a wide range of financial products and investment tools.. Clients may carry out their transactions via Internet, an automated telephone system or deal with representatives at the Customer Contact Centre.. Mission.. To offer National Bank clients and other Canadian investors who are looking for autonomy and control an economical and efficient way to trade investment products on various networks by providing them with information and relevant tools for making decisions and reaching their financial objectives.. Our history.. National Bank Direct Brokerage Inc.. is a National Bank of Canada subsidiary offering to the Bank s clientele quality brokerage services as  ...   InvesTel discount brokerage service, thereby leaving National Bank Securities, which until then had administered InvesTel, free to concentrate exclusively on the National Bank Mutual Funds family.. 2003.. On August 23.. rd.. 2003, the Bank acquires Altamira Investment Services Inc.. with an 84,6% interest in Altamira Securities.. And, on September 5.. th.. 2003, the Compagny acquires Altamira Financial Services Ltd.. , the remaining 15,4% of.. Altamira Securities.. This acquisition increases significantly the National Bank s presence as an asset manager outside of Quebec.. As a result, the value of mutual funds holdings doubled and allowed the Bank to offer a larger variety of products and services.. 2005.. On July 18.. 2005, to better represent the dynamic image of National Bank Discount Brokerage, the firm changes its name and becomes.. Legal Note.. is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Bank of Canada.. It offers no advice and makes no investment recommendations.. The client alone is responsible for the financial consequences of his investment decisions.. Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Funds.. confidentiality policy.. complete schedule of commissions and fees..

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  • Title: NBDB - Contact us
    Descriptive info: Please note that e-mails sent via the internet to the address.. directbrokerage@nbc.. are not secure or encrypted.. Therefore, we ask that you not include confidential information, such as your account number, username or password in these e-mail messages.. Further more, for security purposes, please note that National Bank Direct Brokerage will not disclose any information regarding an account or a trade by e-mail.. Email.. Use our.. form.. or write to us at.. For security reasons, please.. do not include confidential information.. in your emails.. For any.. urgent inquiry.. or for a trade related request, please contact us by phone.. Telephone.. General information.. (514) 866-6755.. 1 800 363-3511.. Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.. m.. - 8:00 p.. Fax.. 1 800 289-1327.. Our address.. 1100 University Street 7th floor.. Montréal, Québec H3B 2G7.. Interactive Voice Broker.. 1 800 363-3511 option 8.. The Interactive Voice Broker, our automated telephone system using voice recognition is available 24/7.. Obtain quotes, place orders, check account information and much more!.. Write to us.. There is missing or incorrect information..  ...   as other useful information.. How can we help you?.. I would like to.. Opening and transferring accounts.. Is there a minimum deposit to open an account at NBDB?.. What types of accounts are available?.. How do I transfer my account with another financial institution to NBDB?.. All questions in this category.. Deposits and transfers.. How can I make deposits to my account?.. How long does it take to transfer funds into my account?.. What types of transfers can I make via the transactional site?.. Security and confidentiality.. Do the National Bank and National Bank Direct Brokerage follow a specific code of procedure for the protection of personal information?.. Is there a special department at the National Bank that looks after online security?.. When I do my online transactions via National Bank Direct Brokerage's transactional website, how do you ensure the confidentiality of my transactions?.. Our transactional site.. demo.. Find the answers to your.. questions.. Do you need an upgrade?.. Upgrade your.. Internet Explorer.. ,.. Netscape.. or.. Firefox.. browser for enhanced performance and security..

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  • Title: NBDB - NBDB Advantages - Why NBDB?
    Descriptive info: Why NBDB?.. Advantages for NBC clients.. Numerous advantages for clients.. throughout your lifetime!.. At National Bank Direct Brokerage, we aim to let you take control of your investments.. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a novice, National Bank Direct Brokerage has what it takes to help you achieve your financial objectives.. Outstanding customer service.. Ranked number one by research firm Dalbar.. , the National Bank Direct Brokerage team supports you throughout the investment process.. User-friendly and efficient transactional site.. Our transactional website is designed to simplify portfolio management and provide you with a wide range of easy-to-use tools.. Check it out using our.. !.. Useful tools and comprehensive online services.. Keep your portfolio performance on track using our high-performance.. online tools.. State-of-the-art tools for active investors.. Level I and II streaming quotes, real-time portfolios and sophisticated graphs for technical analyses are  ...   You can trade for as little as $6.. 95!.. Interest rates.. interest rates.. are among the most competitive in the industry.. Easy-to-understand account statements.. Your.. monthly statement.. provides you with relevant at-a-glance information, including the acquisition costs of your investments.. Vast range of mutual funds and fixed-income securities.. Effectively diversify your portfolio by selecting from a vast range of fixed-income securities and more than.. 1,800 mutual funds from 85 different fund families.. List of selected funds.. Thanks to our.. list of funds.. rigorously selected by our experts, investing is made easy at National Bank Direct Brokerage.. Free seminars on a wide range of topics!.. Become a self-directed investor! Check out our schedule today and attend a.. seminar.. at a location near you.. According to the October 2005 Dalbar survey.. Refer to our.. Commission schedule.. for all the details.. promotional offers.. new.. powerful tools..

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  • Title: NBDB - Transfers to NBDB
    Descriptive info: Simplified account transfers.. Transferring an account from another financial institution to National Bank Direct Brokerage has never been so easy.. To transfer assets to an existing National Bank Direct Brokerage account:.. Complete and print the required.. transfer form.. Attach a copy of your most recent account statement from the other institution..  ...   new National Bank Direct Brokerage account:.. online.. Select "Account transfer" in response to the question "How would you like to make deposits into your new account?".. Print the form and mail it to us, together with your most recent account statement from the other institution.. Our highly competitive.. commissions and fees..

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  • Title: NBDB - Commissions and fees - Commissions
    Descriptive info: Commissions and Fees.. Commissions.. Fees.. Interest Rates.. Active Investors.. $50 000 and more.. With National Bank Direct Brokerage, you save on commissions.. Our commissions are low and our client service quality is exceptional!.. Did you know that investors with personal assets held with National Bank Direct Brokerage totalling $50,000 or more will benefit from advantageous pricing? You will be able to trade for as little as $9.. 95 per trade.. Details.. Our commission and fee schedule is also available in.. PDF format.. (Effective September 1st, 2011).. Canadian and American equities.. Canadian and American options.. Web tools.. Mutual funds.. Fixed income securities.. Transactions through our website or our Interactive Voice Broker*.. 1,000 shares or less.. $28.. 95.. 1,001 shares or more.. - Shares of $2 or less.. 5%.. - Shares of $2.. 01 and over.. 3 / action.. Minimum commission.. Transactions through our representative.. Canadian Equities.. American Equities.. Shares of $2 or less.. 2%.. Shares of $2.. $44.. 95 + 4 /share.. 95 + 6 /share.. Less than $2,000.. Minimum fees.. *The fees are billed in the same currency as the transaction.. Each partial execution of a transaction is subject to the full commission, except if the transaction is completed the same business day.. The full commission is applied on all separate transactions made on the same security.. Additional fees may be charged by the local securities exchange commission and/or by the stock market and are billed in the same currency as the transaction.. When a transaction is placed through one service (for example a representative), and then modified by another service (for example the website), the commission will be calculated according to the higher of the two commission schedules.. A security transaction in an account of a different currency involves a conversion in the currency of the account.. When carrying out this conversion, National Bank Direct Brokerage acts as principal and can earn, in addition to the commission applicable to the transaction, income based on the spread between the buy and sell.. Top of page.. Transactions through our web site.. Transactions with our representative.. Option Price.. Commission.. $0 to $2.. 00.. 95 + $1.. 25 / contract.. $35 + $1.. 50 / contract.. $2.. 01 to $3.. $35 + $2.. 00 / contract.. $3.. 01 to $4.. $4.. 01 to $5.. $35 + $3.. $5.. $35.. When a transaction is placed through one  ...   to the same early redemption fee.. Some mutual fund companies may also charge fees in addition to the commission payable to National Bank Direct Brokerage.. These fees may include account opening fees, early redemption fees, deferred sales commissions on funds with redemption fees, management fees, etc.. For more details, please consult the prospectus for the mutual fund in question.. Except for National Bank Securities Mutual Funds** and Meritage portfolios, the minimum amount for a mutual fund transaction through National Bank Direct Brokerage is the greater of $1,000 or any other amount required by the mutual fund company.. Subsequent transactions on mutual funds must be at least $500 or any other amount required by the mutual fund company, whichever is greater.. Switch transactions are allowed only within the same family of funds and load type.. **National Bank Securities Mutual Funds include Omega Funds and Altamira Funds.. Only a few fund families generate transaction fees.. Consult our full list.. of funds or ask one of our representatives.. * National Bank Securities Mutual Funds include Omega Funds and Altamira Funds.. You can make transactions on fixed income securities through our website or over the phone with one of our representatives.. We can offer you Treasury bills, bonds, strip bonds, debentures, GICs and other money market instruments.. The minimum amount for a purchase varies depending on the security.. In the case of exchange-traded debentures, the commission is: $40 + $3 per $1,000 face value.. Get a 20% rebate on your transactions of exchange-traded debentures by using our website.. GST and provincial taxes are billed where applicable.. The commission and fee schedule may be modified at any time.. The general fees and commissions are payable in the currency of the transaction.. A security transaction in an account of a different currency implies a conversion in the currency of the account.. When carrying out this conversion, National Bank Direct Brokerage acts as a counterpart and can gain, in addition to the applicable transaction commission, an income based on the difference between the buy and sell rates.. Any unusual administrative operation or transaction not specified in the present general fees and commissions schedule may generate additional fees.. Other fees may apply, including but not limited to, all re-registration fees incurred by the transfer agent, the legal representative or the issuing company.. No-load.. National Bank Mutual Fund.. categories!.. tools for active investors..

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  • Title: NBDB - Demo Center
    Descriptive info: Transactional Website Overview.. Discover how to undertake the three steps of the investment process with our website: Evaluate your portfolio, select your investments and start trading.. View Demo.. Access your investments on the go!.. The National Bank Direct Brokerage mobile website offers fast and secure access to your brokerage accounts on the go.. In addition to being able to carry out stock trades, you can now monitor your accounts, view your asset details and obtain real time quotes using your smartphone.. Have the markets in the palm of your hands with the National  ...   that will allow you to monitor market developments and react quickly when opportunities arise? Discover Market-Q, a powerful and flexible market data platform.. Market-Q offers you streaming real time quotes and features such as sophisticated technical analysis tool, main news feeds, the market depth, which can give you the possibility to create up to 20 watchlists of 200 titles each, and more!.. View demo.. Reference guide.. Asset Allocation Tool.. Aim for balance!.. The asset allocation tool lets you track changes in your portfolio and rebalance it to match the investor profile selected.. Tool presentation..

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  • Title: NBDB - Promotional offers
    Descriptive info: Share $200 with a friend!.. You re a loyal National Bank Direct Brokerage client.. Would you like your friends to share your experience of unbeatable customer service and access to powerful investment tools?.. From May 28 through October 31, 2012, refer a friend interested in transferring $25,000 to us from another financial institution, and you ll both receive $100 cash back.. For all the details and conditions,.. click here.. Exchange your Mastercard points at National Bank Direct Brokerage.. Do you hold a National Bank Platinum, Ovation Gold, Allure or Escapade Mastercard or a card identified by a professional association?.. You can now redeem your À la carte reward points for a contribution  ...   (100 $ = 11,000 points) by contacting one of National Bank Direct Brokerage s Investor Services representatives as of today (514-866-6755 or 1-800-363-3511).. Transfer Without Any Fees.. Transfer $25,000 or more to a National Bank Direct Brokerage account and we will pay up to $135 plus taxes in transfer fees.. For details and conditions, please call one of our Investor Services representatives at 1-800-363-3511.. Stay informed by email on news and promotions.. As mentionned in our confidentiality policy, National Bank Direct Brokerage is committed to never sharing information with a third party.. Mrs.. Yes! I would like to receive the monthly newsletter "Invest the market".. to help you make the best investment decisions..

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  • Title: NBDB - Types of Accounts - Non-registered accounts
    Descriptive info: Types of Accounts.. Non-registered accounts.. Registered accounts.. Accounts for all your needs.. With our numerous types of non-registered accounts, you can hold a range of investment instruments and gain access to the Toronto and Montréal stock markets, the NYSE (New York) and the NASDAQ as well as Canadian and U.. S.. over-the-counter markets.. Cash account.. Margin account.. Margin account with short selling.. COD account.. Income account.. SSP II account (Stock Savings Plan II).. With a cash account, you can manage all your non-registered investments efficiently: your guaranteed investment certificates, fixed-income securities, mutual funds, money market instruments, stocks, and other investments.. At the time you make your first transaction, you are required to deposit in your account an amount that will cover the entire transaction.. You can do this in two ways: either call one of our Customer Contact Centre representatives, or go to our website.. For all subsequent transactions, the transaction amount cannot exceed the total equity (net value) of the account, which takes into consideration the debits and credits in the account.. If the purchase value is greater than the account equity, the transaction is rejected.. When you purchase securities, you are required to pay for them, at the latest, on their settlement date.. You must therefore ensure that your brokerage account contains sufficient funds on the settlement date, i.. e.. , the last day you can settle the transaction.. The settlement period varies according to the type of product, as shown in the table below.. Product.. Settlement.. Money market instruments (Treasury bills).. Same day.. Canadian and american options.. 1 business day.. Bonds issued and guaranteed by the Government of Canada and maturing within 3 years.. 2 business days.. Bonds issued and guaranteed by the Government of Canada and maturing in 3 years and over.. 3 business days.. Strip coupons - maturing within 18 months.. Strip coupons - maturing in 18 months and over.. All other securities.. National Bank Direct Brokerage is committed to settling the proceeds of disposition of the securities within the same time limit.. Margin account*.. A margin account allows you to take out loans against securities already in your account, or borrow part of the purchase price for the securities you want to buy.. The maximum loan, or maximum broker advance, varies according to the investment type and market value of the securities.. You have to pay a certain amount of money, called the margin deposit, in partial settlement of the transaction.. The sum of the margin deposit and the broker's advance equals the total cost of the trade.. See an example.. Example.. You buy 1,000 shares at $10 each, for a total of $10,000.. Since these are Canadian shares that are eligible for reduced margin, National Bank Direct Brokerage can lend you 70% of the total amount, that is, $7,000; you only need to pay $3,000.. Assuming the stock price goes up to $14 and you sell your securities, you realize a gain of $4,000.. Since you only paid $3,000 for the investment, your realized growth is 133%, whereas with a $10,000 payment, your growth would have been limited to 40% over the initial investment.. Note: the leverage effect also applies to negative price fluctuations, which means that losses can be greater than if incurred within a cash account.. *Using borrowed money to finance the purchases of securities involves greater risk than purchases using cash resources only.. If you borrow money to purchase securities, your responsibility to repay the loan and pay interest as required by its terms remains the same even if the value of the securities purchased declines.. The maximum advance allowed by National Bank Direct Brokerage varies according to the purchased securities, as shown in the table below.. Security class.. Advance as a % of market value*.. Canadian and U.. stocks.. Value of $5 and more for securities that are eligible for a reduced margin**.. 70%.. Value of $2 and more.. 50%.. Value under $2.. No advance.. Fixed-income securities.. Corporate bonds.. Corporate debentures.. Municipal bonds.. 95%.. Provincial government bonds.. Commercial paper.. 90%.. Government of Canada bonds.. 96%.. U.. Government bonds.. Canadian Treasury bills.. 50%.. These rates apply to the initial trade.. If the price of the margined security falls, the broker's loan is reduced and you'll be required to pay additional margin.. ** High liquidity and low volatility are some of the criteria used to determine eligibility for reduced margins.. Overweighting.. Margin accounts must maintain a minimum amount of real available margin, which is different from the available margin displayed in your account.. When your portfolio becomes overweighted, its risk increases and as a result  ...   $10 X 1,000 shares =.. 13 000 $.. Less proceeds of the short sale ($10 X 1,000 shares).. 10 000 $.. Minimum required margin:.. 3 000 $.. Let's assume the share drops in value to $5.. 25.. You may buy shares at the cost of $5,250 ($5.. 25 X 1,000 shares).. The gain will then be equivalent to $4,750 ($10,000 - $5,250).. Considering that you only paid $3,000 at the start, you're looking at a growth rate of 158.. 33%.. If you had actually held the shares from the beginning, your gain over the proceeds of the sale ($10,000) would have amounted to just 48%.. Note: the leverage effect also applies to negative price fluctuations.. Short selling is risky as it may lead to unlimited losses if the price of the security sold increases substantially.. In reality, no one can predict the maximum price a share can reach.. Features.. This type of account is meant for investors who have the experience and financial means to maintain the credit line required for such trades.. All the Details applicable in the case of Margin accounts are also applicable in the case of Short Sale accounts.. Interest rate on account balances : Visit the.. section to view the applicable fees on CDN$ and US$ accounts.. Margin deposit.. Minimum credit balances required by stock exchanges and the IDA.. Minimum margin required as a % of market value*.. Securities of $5 or more that can are eligible for a reduced margin.. 130%.. Securities trading at $2 or more.. 150%.. Securities trading between $1.. 50 and $1.. 99.. 00 per share.. Securities trading between $0.. 25 and $1.. 49.. 200%.. Securities trading under $0.. 100% plus $0.. 25 per share.. *National Bank Direct Brokerage may require higher margins in some cases and reserve the right to close short positions if borrowing such securities is no longer possible.. With a COD account, payment transactions are settled by another financial institution or broker holding the securities in custody.. Where a purchase is made, the other institution or broker sends a cheque and receives the certificate(s) for the securities.. Where a sale is made, the other institution or broker sends us the certificate(s), and we forward the cheque on delivery.. Dividends and interest generated on your investments are deposited in a specific account at any branch of National Bank of Canada or another major banking institution.. The income payment is made on the day that matches the account opening day.. For instance, if the account was opened on a Thursday, the deposit or cheque is sent on the Thursday following the deposit of the dividend or interest in the account.. The payment must be a minimum of CDN $15 (or US $15 in the case of a US$ account).. Dividends and interest are paid:.. in a specific account via deposit (branches of National Bank of Canada or other Canadian financial institutions).. by cheque mailed to the client.. The Stock Savings Plan II (SSP II) entitles individuals in Quebec to deduct from their taxable income investments with respect to common shares and investment fund securities ( Qualifying securities ) issued in the primary market from their taxable income.. Any individual residing in Quebec on December 31 of the tax year can claim a deduction with respect to a stock savings plan.. This fiscal measure applies to provincial tax only and deductions are limited to.. 10%.. of total income.. Until.. December 31, 2010.. , investors are allowed to deduct 150% of the adjusted cost of the qualifying securities.. Beginning on January 1, 2011, the investor can deduct 100% of the adjusted cost of qualifying securities.. The taxpayer must keep the qualifying securities in the plan for.. two complete calendar years.. following the year in which the securities were purchased (i.. , through December 31 over three consecutive years).. If the investor does not keep the shares for the minimum period required, i.. , through December 31 over three consecutive years, they must be replaced by qualifying securities in order to maintain the tax deduction.. A list of qualifying securities is published in a weekly bulletin available on the.. L Autorité des marchés financiers.. (AMF) website, under.. Section 6.. 11.. ,.. Annexe 4.. (French only) (.. http://www.. lautorite.. qc.. ca/bulletin.. en.. html.. ).. Qualifying securities include Quebec-based companies whose assets aggregate less than $200 million, capital pool companies and investment funds.. A covering transaction must be completed.. before the end of the second month after the sale or by December 31 of the year of the sale.. , whichever comes first.. Schedule of our.. free seminars..

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  • Title: NBDB - Investment Choices - Securities and trading hours
    Descriptive info: Investment Choices.. Securities and trading hours.. Fund families.. Options.. NBC products.. Diversify your portfolio with a range of investments.. Regardless of you investment needs, you'll find at NBDB what it takes to achieve your financial objectives.. Products.. Description.. Trading hours (Eastern time).. Securities listed on North American stock markets and over-the-counter markets.. Preferred shares.. Common shares.. Subscription warrants.. Index units.. Listed debentures.. Business hours: 9:30 a.. to 4:00 p.. equities on the Montreal Exchange (MX), TSX, TSX Venture, NYSE and Nasdaq.. Extended hours for the Canadian market: 4:15 p.. to 5:00 p.. equities on the TSX (via our Investor Services).. Extended hours for the U.. market: 4:01 p.. NYSE and Nasdaq (via our Investor Services).. Options listed on Canadian and U..  ...   a.. Currency options: 9:30 a.. Quebec Savings and Investment Bonds.. Federal, provincial, municipal and corporate bonds.. Strip coupons.. Guaranteed Investment Certificates (including indexed GICs).. Index and mutual fund-linked notes.. Quebec Savings and Investment Bonds: 11:00 a.. on the previous day to 11:00 a.. Federal, provincial, municipal and corporate bonds: 8:30 a.. Guaranteed Investment Certificates (including indexed GICs): 8:00 a.. Index and mutual fund-linked notes: 4:00 p.. on the previous day to 3:00 p.. Liquidity management instruments.. Bankers' acceptances.. Treasury bills.. Same day settlement: 8:00 a.. to 2:30 p.. One-day settlement: 2:30 p.. More than 1,800 funds from.. 85 different families.. 14 categories of no-load National Bank Mutual Funds.. From 8:00 a.. to the cut-off time, which varies depending on the fund family..

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