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  • Title: Home : Labrador Friendship Centre
    Descriptive info: .. Labrador Friendship Centre.. Enriching Aboriginal Life.. in Labrador.. HIV/AIDS.. ·.. Aboriginal Family Centre.. Community Development.. Employment Assistance.. Contact.. Home.. History.. Objectives.. Board of Directors.. Volunteers.. FAQ.. Drumdancer Shop.. Hostel & Cafeteria.. Room Rentals.. Central Career Circuit.. ETP.. HIV/AIDS Project.. Hepatitis C.. United Cultures Youth Project.. Housing and Support Office.. Adult Basic Education.. Contact.. Links.. Welcome!.. Welcome to the Labrador Friendship Centre website.. Labrador Friendship Centre_Front View.. (.. larger version.. ).. Our Mandate.. The Labrador Friendship Centre will endeavour to provide the best possible services to enrich the lives of the Inuit, Innu and Metis of Labrador through the provision and implementation of social, cultural, health, educational, employment, and developmental initiatives.. SIVVOLIK.. LABRADOR FRIENDSHIP CENTRE-IUP.. Pigumajangita OKausingit.. Labrador Friendship Centre-inut UttuKataniakKut Piunnipamik ikajugiamik piussigiakKumut inusingit Inuit, Innu amma Kallunangajut Labradorime Attutautilugit amma takku-jautilugit InuKatigenikut, IllusituKangitugut, InusitsiaKaningitigut, illiniataugunajutigut sulliaKatisinitigut amma sannanime pigumausigijik.. NESHENEIKAN.. Ne LABRADOR FRIENDSHIP CENTRE KeishiniKateua Mitshuap Tsheishitusanut MesheneiKan.. Ne (LFC)  ...   Others may obtain a membership card at $2.. 00 per person.. Annual General Meeting.. The Labrador Friendship Centre.. will be hosting its 38th Annual General Assembly.. on Wednesday May 30, 2012.. Registration begins at 1:00 PM.. Annual General Assembly begins at 1:30 PM.. Some of the Agenda items are:.. Election of Directors.. Presentation of Financial Reports.. Year End Reports.. Open to the General Public.. For more information contact Ms.. Rosalie Anderson.. at.. officeadmin.. lfchvgb.. ca.. or call 709-896-8302.. Annual General Meeting Nominations.. 38th Annual General Assembly.. The Labrador Friendship Centre is accepting.. nominations for the following Director positions:.. President.. (Aboriginal).. Secretary.. Aboriginal Youth Director.. (age 18-29).. Aboriginal Director.. Non Aboriginal Director.. Nomination forms may be obtained from the.. Labrador Friendship Centre at.. 49 Grenfell Street, Happy Valley - Goose Bay, Labrador.. Deadline for nominations are Tuesday, May 29, 2012.. Rosalie Anderson at.. This page: 42,127 visits since September 10, 2009.. Webmaster Login..

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  • Title: HIV/AIDS Project : Labrador Friendship Centre
    Descriptive info: Home.. HIV/AIDS Project.. What is HIV/Aids.. HIV/AIDS Newsletter.. World Aids Quilt Visit.. HIV/AIDS Links.. HIV/AIDS Labrador Project.. Matshakushun.. Aittunattulukak.. Kaujisattaauninga Labrador-imi.. Education*Prevention.. Awareness.. The HIV/AIDS Labrador Project office opened in November 2000.. It was developed in response to the lack of information on HIV/AIDS in the Aboriginal communities.. The primary focus of the project is to increase individual and community awareness surrounding the topic of HIV/AIDS.. The Project is funded by Public Health Agency of Canada and the Canadian Strategy on HIV/AIDS, sponsored by the Labrador Friendship Centre.. Program Description.. The HIV/AIDS Labrador Project originated from an earlier research project, the Labrador HIV/AIDS Surveillance Study.. This study indicated a need for an HIV/AIDS Project in Labrador.. The HIV/AIDS Labrador Project is involved in the education and awareness of HIV/AIDS for people in Labrador.. This is done by: community visits, hosting information sessions, and taking part in community events to increase awareness of this disease.. Health Care professionals in Labrador are concerned that  ...   with HIV/AIDS (Source: UNAIDS/WHO-www.. avert.. org).. The project Coordinator works with Aboriginal groups such as: The Labrador Metis Nation, Health Care Boards, Schools, Community Youth Networks, Family Resource Centres, Clinics, Economic Boards, and other community organizations to plan strategies for HIV/AIDS prevention.. The HIV/AIDS Labrador Project consists of an Advisory Committee which provides guidance and community information on the project.. The Advisory Committee meets several times a year to address the communities HIV/AIDS education needs.. Advisory Committee.. Our Advisory Committee consists of:.. Nunatsiavut Government Department of Health and Social Development.. Health and Social Development.. Labrador Metis Nation.. Mushuau Innu Health Commission.. Sheshatshiu Innu Band Council.. Labrador Grenfell Health.. People with AIDS Network.. Public Health Agency of Canada.. Representation from our Elders, Youth, and Church.. For more information contact our office:.. Scosha Diamond, HIV/AIDS Coordinator.. Phone: (709) 896-5144 or 896-8302.. Fax: (709) 896-8731.. Email:.. sdiamond.. Be sure the Like our facebook page here:.. http://www.. facebook.. com/pages/HIVAIDS-Labrador-Project/109844042441017.. This page: 4,233 visits since September 10, 2009..

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  • Title: Aboriginal Family Centre : Labrador Friendship Centre
    Descriptive info: Aboriginal Family Centre.. The Aboriginal Family Centre will promote social, cultural, educational, physical, emotional, and nutritional growth with Metis, Innu and Inuit children (infancy - 6 years) and their parents/caregivers.. The Aboriginal Family Centre Program is offered to children ages infancy to six years of age and their families from Monday to Thursday.. (Friday is staff planning day).. The program runs from 8:00 am to 11:30 am in the morning and 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm for the afternoon sessions.. Morning sessions include a hot breakfast and the afternoon receive a nutritous snack.. Transportation is provided to the children/parents via van.. Languages are reflected in the Centre with parents/elders in Inuktitut, Innu-Eimeun and English through learning Centres, songs, stories, and activities.. Parents or caregivers are involved in our  ...   of Innu, Metis and Inuit families.. We are a pre-school culture based program.. The program is offered at no cost to the parents.. Foster the spititual, emotional, intellectual and physical growth of each child.. Support parents and guardians are the prime teachers and caregivers of their children, making sure parents/caregivers play a key role in the planning, development, operation and evaluation of the program.. Recognize and support extended families in teaching and caring for children.. Ensuring that the program works and is supported by other community programs.. Aboriginal Head Start Project.. Aboriginal Head Start will focus on children infancy - six years of age and will include the following:.. Culture and Language.. Education.. Health Promotion.. Nutrition.. Social Support Programs.. Parental Involvement.. This page: 4,270 visits since September 10, 2009..

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  • Title: Community Development : Labrador Friendship Centre
    Descriptive info: Community Development.. Seniors Program.. Seniors Van Service.. Community Food Bank.. Community Development Cultural Worker.. The Community Outreach Worker is reponsible for:.. The Seniors Program.. The Seniors Van Service.. The Community Food Bank.. Please use the menu bar on the left to select the service you wish to find information on.. For further information on any of these programs please contact:.. Patti Fleming, Community Outreach Worker.. Phone; 709-896-8302.. email;.. pfleming.. This page: 4,252 visits since September 10, 2009..

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  • Title: : Labrador Friendship Centre
    Descriptive info: Page Not Found.. The page you requested could not be found..

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  • Title: Contact : Labrador Friendship Centre
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. Jennifer Hefler-Elson.. Executive Director.. jhefler-elson.. 49 Grenfell Street.. P.. O.. Box 767, Station B.. Happy Valley - Goose Bay.. Labrador, NL.. A0P 1E0.. Ph: (709) 896-8302.. Ph: (709) 896-8341.. Ph: (709) 896-3796.. Ph: (709) 896-8014.. Fx: (709) 896-8731.. Darlene Curl.. Employment Program Manager.. dcurl.. nf.. aibn.. com.. 49B Grenfell Street.. email :.. easlab.. Phone: (709) 896-6088.. Phone: (709) 896-6089.. Phone: (709) 896-6099.. Fax: (709) 896-6090.. Website:.. easccc.. com.. Lois Roberts.. Program Director.. afc.. 38 Grenfell Street.. Box 1949, Station B.. Phone:  ...   (709) 896-5144.. Community Outreach.. Hope Sheppard.. Community Outreach Worker.. hsheppard.. Phone: 709-896-8302.. Fax: 709-896-8731.. Alicia Neville.. Youth Worker.. aneville.. Housing and Homelessness Project.. Denise Cole.. Housing Development Worker.. dcole.. For more info contact:.. Adult Basic Education eLearning.. Karla Shaffer.. ABE Coordinator.. kshaffer.. Happy Valley-Goose Bay.. A0P1E0.. Phone: 896-8302.. or 896-9784 (home office).. lfchvgb.. ca.. Hostel/Cafe.. Faye Goudie.. Business Manager.. fgoudie.. Drumdancer Art & Craft Shop.. Lilian Edmunds.. Assistant Manager.. Box 2480, Station B.. Phone: 896-8360.. This page: 6,525 visits since September 10, 2009..

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  • Title: History : Labrador Friendship Centre
    Descriptive info: History.. The Labrador Friendship Centre, or the idea of a Labrador Friendship Centre originated in 1973 from work being done by The Company of Young Canadians and the Happy Valley Inuit Association.. Workers from both these groups were involved in matters related to the concerns of Aboriginal people who had moved from a rural area on the Coast of Labrador to a more urban setting in Happy Valley - Goose Bay where the population was mainly of Euro-Canadian origin.. Aboriginal people in Happy Valley - Goose Bay were experiencing many problems in making the adjustment to an environment which was totally different from that which they were accustomed to.. These problems were associated in areas such as verbal communication (many of the Native people could not understand English), lack of housing, employment, transportation problems and problems with alcohol and the law.. A group of concerned citizens who recognized the problems experienced by Native people decided that there should be an organization to assist Native people.. From information  ...   Migrating Native Peoples Program.. The ad hoc committee formed decided that they would meet with Secretary of State representatives and Native groups in Labrador to determine the procedure for establishing a Native Friendship Centre in Happy Valley.. Results of the meetings proved to be very positive with the Labrador Friendship Centre being structured.. The first core funding was received in October 1974.. The first Annual General Assembly was held in October 1975 and Mr.. Robert Lyall became its first elected president.. In 1992, the Labrador Friendship Centre relocated to 49 Grenfell Street, Happy Valley, Labrador.. The new Centre has been named in honour of Robert C.. Lyall the first President and founding member of the Labrador Friendship Centre.. The new facility has a number of office spaces, and also offers for rent: a Board Room; a Classroom; a Computer Lab and a Multi-Purpose Room.. This space is available to all organizations and individuals.. Special consideration is given to non-profit organizations.. This page: 5,190 visits since September 10, 2009..

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  • Title: Objectives : Labrador Friendship Centre
    Descriptive info: Objectives.. To assist Aboriginal people of Labrador migrating to or living in the Happy Valley - Goose Bay area adapt to an urban environment.. To assist Aboriginal people to find and maintain employment and housing.. To assist Aboriginal people in making personal, social , cultural and cross-cultural contacts.. To promote communication and understanding between  ...   centre for cultural, traditional, social, educational and recreational activities and gatherings.. To promote and assist in developing Aboriginal Education.. To establish, maintain operate a hostel to provide temporary accommodations for Aboriginal people.. To assist in the promotion, development appreciation and preservation of Aboriginal Arts, Crafts and Artifacts.. This page: 4,254 visits since September 10, 2009..

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  • Title: Board of Directors : Labrador Friendship Centre
    Descriptive info: Board of Directors.. Board of Directors, Left to Right back row, Jennifer Mitchell-Foley, Gary Broomfield, Bert Pike, Annette Broomfield, Greg Nuna, Dieter Holeiter, Front Row left to right, Barbara McGowan, Rosamond Andersen and Executive Director,Jennifer Hefler-Elson.. Missing from photo, Keith Russell and Diane Brown.. Gary Broomfield.. President.. End of Term: May 2012.. Annette Broomfield.. Vice President.. End of Term: May 2013.. Barbara McGowan.. Secretary.. Rosamond Andersen.. Treasurer.. Diane Brown.. Dieter Holeiter.. Non-Aboriginal Director.. Bert Pike.. Keith Russell.. Jennifer Mitchell.. Greg Nuna.. This page: 4,675 visits since September 10, 2009..

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  • Title: Volunteers : Labrador Friendship Centre
    Descriptive info: Volunteers.. Volunteering plays a vital role in supporting the services that the Labrador Friendship Centre offers:.. Seniors Programs.. Youth Activities.. Volunteers contribute significantly to the social, cultural and economic development of our community.. Rewards.. Gives individuals responsibility.. Builds self esteem.. Opportunity to explore various career choices.. Gain valuable work experience.. For More Information or to register call: Patti Fleming - Community Development / Cultural Worker @709-896-8302.. This page: 4,314 visits since September 10, 2009..

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  • Title: FAQ : Labrador Friendship Centre
    Descriptive info: FAQ.. Frequently Asked Questions.. Since its origin many people have availed of the services and programs offered by the Labrador Friendship Centre.. However, the Centre is concerned that even today there are persons in Labrador whom do not frequent the Centre, use its services or become involved because they are unsure of what the Centre's purpose is.. The staff of the Labrador Friendship Centre hope by distributing this information that everyone will better understand the purpose of the Centre.. What is the purpose of the Labrador Friendship Centre?.. The mission statement of the Centre is that it will endeavour to provide the best possible services to enrich the lives of the Inuit, Innu and Metis of Labrador through the provision and implementation of social, cultural, health, educational, employment and developmental initiatives.. What type of programs do you offer?.. The Labrador Friendship Centre offers the following:.. United Cultures Youth Centre.. Cultural Activities.. Facilities for Educational training, Job Search, etc.. Housing Homelessness.. Aboriginal Family Centre - Early Childhood Development.. Drumdancer Art Crafts Shop.. Correctional Program.. Food Bank.. Hostel and Cafteria.. Seniors Transportation.. Activities for Seniors and Children.. The staff provide assistance relating to education, housing, social, health, letter writing, etc.. Who owns the Labrador Friendship Centre?.. This question may seem strange but it is one which is asked a number of times.. The Centre is not owned by anyone or any group in the way that one can own a house.. The Centre belongs to the people of Labrador..  ...   for the people coming to Happy Valley - Goose Bay for medical or other reasons and who could not afford to stay in a Hotel or who had no where else to stay.. Can others beside Aboriginal people use the Labrador Friendship Centre?.. Yes.. It is important to remember that the Centre was established to provide assistance first and foremost to Aboriginal people.. However, because the Centre exercises an open door policy it will provide such assistance to any person in need if it is capable of providing such assistance.. Some programs and projects are restricted solely for Aboriginal people as a result of the criteria imposed by particular funding sources.. When did the Labrador Friendship Centre begin?.. The organization began in 1974 with the Annual General Assembly held in October 1975.. How can a person become a Board member?.. There are ten elected positions on the Board.. There is also a non elected position of past president.. At each Annual General Assembly five positions are open for election, each for a two year term.. This will allow for continuity on the Board.. How can I find out more about the Labrador Friendship Centre?.. You are welcome to drop by the Centre at any time and visit.. We are located at 49 Grenfell Street, Happy Valley - Goose Bay, Labrador.. You can call us at (709) 896-8302, email:.. , or you can write to us at the following address:.. This page: 3,400 visits since September 10, 2009..

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