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  • Title: IDRF - International Development and Relief Foundation
    Descriptive info: .. contact us.. |.. donate.. search.. international development & relief foundation.. Sorry, but Javascript is not enabled in your browser!.. Home.. About IDRF.. Our Work.. News.. Media Stories from the Field.. Special Events.. FAQs.. Contact Us.. PROJECTS BY REGION.. Africa.. Americas.. Asia.. Eastern Europe.. Middle East.. PROJECTS BY SECTOR.. Education.. Emergency Relief.. Environment, Water & Sanitation.. Gender Empowerment.. Healthcare.. Infrastructure & Housing.. Livelihood Development.. ARCHIVED PROJECTS.. This option will not work correctly.. Unfortunately, your browser does not support Inline Frames.. RECENTLY UPDATED.. Wells in Somalia.. This ramadan help IDRF assist Syrian Refugees in Turkey.. IDRF community members honored with Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals.. Diamond Jubilee Gala Celebration.. A new way of life for underprivileged children in Pakistan.. Give the Gift of Life this Mother s Day!.. UPCOMING EVENTS.. Home.. Wells in Somalia.. IDRF was started as an organization in the mid eighties as a way for Canadian Muslims to respond and help famine affected people in Somalia and Ethiopia.. We have worked in this region, on and off, ever since.. In 2011, when Somalia was once again devastated by famine, IDRF rolled out several relief aid projects.. Today the region continues to remain vulnerable to climactic uncertainty.. Due to the lack of security and infrastructure in rural Somalia, Mogadishu has seen a massive wave of urban migration as internally displaced persons (IDPs) gravitate to areas with food distribution and relative protection.. These newly arrived IDPs cannot access established infrastructure and rely on costly water tank distribution, remaining vulnerable and dependent on outside aid.. To address the water shortage, IDRF is facilitating the construction and rehabilitation of wells in peri-urban areas of Mogadishu which will establish lasting and stable water sources to reduce the IDPs continued dependency on external support.. IDRF will also rehabilitate a number of existing wells that have fallen into disrepair.. Insha Allah with your generous support IDRF will help these famine-uprooted families in Somalia gain access to clean water from sustainable sources.. Click here.. to make a.. secure online donation (Mark Somalia Wells in the Comments Box)or call our toll free number 1-866-497-4373.. Tax-deductible receipts will be issued to anyone donating $10 or more.. This ramadan help IDRF assist Syrian Refugees in Turkey.. [Photo Sources: Azad Lashkari/Reuters Hussein Malla/Associated Press.. ].. Over 85,000 refugees (OCHA) have fled Syria in the wake of the persistent internal conflict.. Over 28,000 of those individuals have fled north to Turkey, more than half of which are aged 17 and under.. These individuals are currently being housed and supported in four large camp centres.. Refugee influx into Turkey from Syria continues to rise as the situation grows increasingly unstable, and thousands of refugees, displaced from their homes, rely on the support of others to persevere.. Many of these refugees have fled with little more than the clothing on their backs and what meager possessions they could carry across the border.. These people desperately need your assistance.. IDRF is developing a proposal to help assist Syrian Refugees in Turkey with much needed food packages and milk powder for their children during the month of Ramadan.. IDRF will do what we can to help alleviate the suffering.. These people must go to sleep every night uncertain of what will become of their home help IDRF ensure that they do not go to sleep uncertain of where to find a meal.. During the month of Ramadan in this time of crippling uncertainty for Syria, let us offer these displaced peoples the guarantee of our support.. secure online donation (Mark Syrian Refugees in the Comments Box) or call our toll free number 1-866-497-4373.. IDRF community members honored with Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals.. On June 18th at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto, four members of the IDRF community were among attendees of a Diamond Jubilee Gala Celebration of Her Majesty the Queen.. Hosted by the Honorable David C.. Onley, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and Mrs.. Ruth Ann Onley, the event provided a  ...   against cancer, and a number of other diseases, is prevention.. IDRF is supporting a project that will improve the psychological and social wellbeing of women treated for cancer and their families and create a supportive social network around them.. It will also emphasize the importance of early detection through regular breast cancer screening and lab tests.. IDRF provides heating to homeless families in Turkey.. When 60,000 people were left homeless in Turkey after the October 2011 earthquake, the situation was more critical and challenging then it was first imagined.. Winter had already begun to creep in, adding frostbite and exposure related injuries to the torment of the homeless people of Eastern Turkey.. As an immediate response, IDRF (International Development and Relief Foundation) partnered with the International Blue Crescent (IBC) to address the heating needs in nine villages.. 250 portable wood-fired and vented heating units were soon installed that provided heat to almost 1500 immediate family members in the towns of Van and Ercis.. Reducing Maternal Mortality.. BANGLADESH HEALTH PROJECT TO HELP 50,000 PEOPLE.. Chittagong, Bangladesh.. A Canadian initiative is saving the lives of many mothers and their unborn children.. The Chittagong Maternal Health Project in Bangladesh, which is being funded by Canada s IDRF, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), and the local Village Education Resource Centre (VERC), will provide a number of resources to improve maternal health in two communities Sitakunda and Mirsarai of the Chittagong sub-district in Bangladesh.. Aimed specifically to address mother and child health issues in these counties (upzilas), the project is expected to substantially reduce the rate of maternal and infant mortality as well as the number of children born underweight in a country that has long suffered from some of the worst maternal health scores in the world.. The resources supplied through the project will include a pair of 24-hour clinics, ambulance service, information on maternal nutrition, provisions for organic gardening, improved cooking stoves, 221 sanitary latrines, 30 deep tube wells for potable water, safe birthing kits and enhanced training for birthing attendants.. It is estimated that more than 50,000 people will benefit from this initiative.. Innovative Project to provide Water & Sanitation to 150000 people in Underserved Nairobi Communities.. AWARD-WINNING CONCEPT WILL ALSO CREATE 1,600 JOBS.. Nairobi, Kenya.. An innovative African project inspired by an award-winning waste management model and funded by a Canadian charity will soon be bringing clean water, garbage collection, sanitation facilities and much-needed employment to underserved communities in Nairobi.. The Waruku Wangige Water and Environmental Sanitation Project (WASAP) managed by partners TakaTaka Solutions and the Resource Maximization Program (REMA), is a unique and holistic approach to the challenge of rapid population growth in and around the city of Nairobi.. The city s population has ballooned from 830,000 people in 1979 to more than 3 ½ million people today, without a corresponding increase in basic infrastructure such as proper access to water, garbage collection and sanitation facilities.. As a result, many of the city s most vulnerable citizens are living in unsanitary conditions.. WASAP, with funding from IDRF will address this situation by building a centralized waste collection and sorting centre, as well as three decentralized collection points.. They will also construct a sanitation block that will provide clean water and bathroom facilities for up to 1,000 people per day at the busy Wangige Market.. During a site visit to the project in Nairobi last week, Winston Kassim, C.. , the volunteer Chair of the IDRF and the Head of Strategic Performance Management with RBC Royal Bank in Toronto, praised the innovative plan of the in-country partners, TakaTaka Solutions, the brainchild behind the WASAP project.. TakaTaka Solutions and REMA are taking a unique approach to the challenge of providing underprivileged people with basic infrastructure services such as water and sanitation, said Winston.. And in so doing, they are creating jobs and a sustainable business model that can be expanded to other communities.. 2012 IDRF - International Development and Relief Foundation..

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  • Title: IDRF - International Development and Relief Foundation - Contact
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. Contact Us - IDRF.. IDRF (International Development Relief Foundation).. 2 Berkeley St.. , Suite 210.. Toronto, ON.. M5A 4J5.. Telephone: 416.. 497.. 0818.. Toll Free: 1.. 866.. IDRF (4373).. Fax: 416.. 0686.. General Inquiries.. :.. office@idrf.. ca.. For all.. project related inquiries.. ,.. please click here to email us.. T.. o contact your.. local area IDRF representative.. or.. our.. Regional Chapter Representatives.. ,.. IDRF  ...   Services & IT Coordinator.. 236.. Bibi Ahmad.. Finance Assistant.. 221.. Penny Fancy.. Director, Resource Development.. 226.. Maheen A.. Rashdi.. Development Officer: Events, Volunteer & Outreach.. 223.. Sadaf Goderya.. Development Officer: Communications & Website.. 231.. Elaine Wong.. Director, Programs.. 232.. Bart Dickinson.. Program Manager.. 227.. Emily Antze.. 229.. Elyas Burney.. 239.. Jessica Ferne.. 249.. Yussuf Moostofa.. Financial Clerk.. 237.. Eric Farr.. Faiths Act Fellow.. 234.. Farhana Rahman.. 244..

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  • Title: IDRF - International Development and Relief Foundation - Donate Now!
    Descriptive info: Donate Now!.. Online donations can be made using our secure online donation form.. If you would like your donation directed towards a specific IDRF project, please indicate so in the Comments section (please see more detaied information on form).. IDRF is a registered charity.. Any donation, including Sadaqah and Zakat, made to the organization qualifies for a tax receipt and may be submitted as a deduction.. IDRF s Charitable Registration #132542705 RR0001.. Planned Giving.. In addition to the immediate benefits you receive from annual deductions, please consider the tax benefits of planned giving.. Not only will a planned gift ensure that your contribution to IDRF and our projects will have long lasting benefits, but it may also help you in estate planning andpossibly reduce tax burdens on loved ones administering  ...   are able to maximize any tax and estate planning advantages.. It can give you a charitable tax deduction which can be applied to reduce your net taxable income per year.. Planned giving can take many forms:.. Cash and Bequests.. Gifts of Property.. Gifts of Publicly Traded Securities.. Gifts of Stock Options.. Life Insurance.. Critical Illness Insurance.. Charitable Annuities.. Charitable Remainder Trusts.. Gifts of Remainder Interests in Property.. IDRF Membership:.. Anyone who donates a minimum of $100 per year on a regular basis is eligible for a free IDRF membership.. As a member, you will be able to vote on IDRF policies, bylaws, and Board memberships, as well as, may be recruited to join one of IDRF s working groups.. For more information, please get in touch with us.. [ Back ]..

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  • Title: IDRF - International Development and Relief Foundation
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  • Title: IDRF - International Development and Relief Foundation - Diamond Jubilee Gala Celebration
    Descriptive info: Diamond Jubilee Gala Celebration.. Click album below to see photos:.. You are browsing images from:.. " target="_blank">..

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