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  • Title: Foster & Associates
    Descriptive info: .. Retail Investment Services.. Professional Portfolio Management.. 2011 Foster Associmates.. All Rights Reserved.. Design by Groove/Agency Nextdoor..

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  • Title: Foster&Associates :: Home
    Descriptive info: Here you will find an archive of the last 4 quarters of our Strategy Report.. Q1 2012 Strategy Report.. Q4 2011 Strategy Report.. Q3 2011 Strategy Report.. Q2 2011 Strategy Report.. To view these documents,.. Adobe Reader.. is required.. is a firm of investment professionals whose primary function is to develop and implement strategies for the financial benefit of our clients.. 2006 - 2010 Foster & Associates.. Design by Groove..

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  • Title: Foster&Associates :: Company Background
    Descriptive info: In.. Background.. Our Philosophy.. Corporate Governance Statement.. Privacy Policy.. Disclaimer.. Foster Associates is a firm of investment professionals whose primary function is to develop and implement strategies for the financial benefit of our clients.. Established in 1994, Foster Associates has established itself as a successful member of the financial services industry.. The firm assists mainly individuals and trusts with their wealth creation through Foster's fee-based Portfolio Management program as well as the more traditional investment dealer services.. The company is a Participating Organization of the.. Toronto Stock Exchange.. (TSX), and  ...   Investor Protection Fund.. (CIPF) and the.. Investment Industry Association of Canada.. (IIAC).. Foster Associates is also a member of NBCN Inc.. , a division of National Bank Financial and part of the National Bank of Canada Group.. Foster Associates is an employee-owned firm with its' Head Office located in the downtown Toronto business district at 372 Bay Street, Suite 1100.. In addition to Ontario, the firm is a registered investment dealer in the provinces of Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta and Nova Scotia.. Please read our legal.. disclaimer.. before viewing our site..

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  • Title: Foster&Associates :: Portfolio Management Services
    Descriptive info: Portfolio Management.. Investment Services.. Administrative Services.. Support Services.. Portfolio Services.. Foster Associates is a team of investment professionals who specialize in providing a private banking type of service to individual investors.. We take accounts on a fully managed, advisory or performance-incentive basis.. All portfolios are managed with the preferences and concerns of the individual being of the utmost importance when investment decisions or recommendations are made.. Clients can trust Foster Associates to exercise strict objectivity in the selection of investments.. We do not underwrite securities, and our policy is never to sell portfolio clients from the firm's inventory nor to buy from portfolio clients for the firm's inventory.. Management.. Clients can be assured that our investment selections are carefully researched both as to their investment potential and their suitability to the portfolios receiving them.. While our general investment strategy is to remain fully invested, we reduce or increase risk exposure to match our assessment of the dominant macro-economic themes..  ...   for each purchase and sell order in US accounts.. ** Of Note: Management fees are not charged on T-Bills and Mutual Funds.. Summaries.. Portfolio evaluations are sent to clients each calendar quarter.. Where clients have more than one portfolio, the combined evaluation of the portfolios is included at no extra charge.. Each portfolio summary includes cost and market prices of securities held, anticipated dividend and interest income and investment performance for the quarter.. Our quarterly investment Strategy Report is delivered with our evaluations and can also be.. read online.. Annually, clients are sent a dividend, interest and capital gain/loss summary for tax purposes.. Private Banking Services.. Foster Associates will deposit funds into client bank accounts and pay bills for clients from their investment accounts, usually at no extra charge.. We also prepare client tax returns for a negotiated fee.. Where our expertise is relevant, we can be contracted to provide written analysis and recommendations on potential investment and business situations..

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  • Title: Foster&Associates :: Company Background
    Descriptive info: EFT Electronic Funds Transfer.. This process allows the clients to send funds electronically from their Foster Associates account directly to their bank account.. These can be set up for Canadian funds brokerage accounts to a Canadian funds bank account or a US funds brokerage account to a US funds bank account at a Canadian bank.. To sign up, simply complete the.. Authorization to Access Client Account.. Unison Cash Management Account (Unison CMA).. Unison CMA integrates traditional banking services with the clients brokerage account to provide debit card, chequing, telephone and internet access to their investment account.. The Unison CMA client debit card provides access to liquid assets (excess margin or cash balance) via Interac, CIRRUS and EXCHANGE networks.. Clients may withdraw funds or make deposits at automated banking machines (ABMs) and make point of sale purchases directly from their investment account.. Clients may also write personal cheques or access the National Bank of Canada's convenient and easy-to-use web site or telephone banking services to pay  ...   system and set NBCN as a recipient of funds similar to other bill payments.. The Biller's name on the bank systems is "NBCN".. The account number is the 7 character account number from the client statement beginning with a numeric character, and ending with either A or E (cash or margin).. Credits to the account will be dated to match the date of credit to the client's Foster account.. In general, this will mean that the client will receive value on the day after the bill payment is initiated from the client's bank.. Depending on individual bank cut-off times, this may be extended to 2 days after payment.. My Portfolio.. Client access to account information over the Internet.. Clients can view account holdings, see a history of transactions and view summarized account information and the status of open orders.. This service can be accessed directly from the link on our Website or accessed directly at.. myportfolio.. nbcn.. ca.. To sign up, simply contact your Investment Advisor..

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  • Title: Foster&Associates :: Portfolio Management
    Descriptive info: Investment Advisors.. Administrative Support.. Frank Florio.. - Portfolio Manager, DROP.. fflorio@fostergroup.. Frank Florio has worked in the investment industry for over 14 years.. He has been with Foster Associates since it was formed.. In 1993, Frank graduated from York University in Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and French.. He became a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute ( FCSI ) in 1994 and received the Chartered Financial Analyst ( CFA ) designation in 1998.. He is a member of the Toronto CFA Society.. His duties include managing Canadian and US equity  ...   to portfolio management clients including evaluation and performance.. Briar Foster.. - Portfolio Manager, AROP.. briarf@fostergroup.. Briar Foster has been in the investment business since 1961 with more than 40 years in a management role.. A significant portion of his career was spent with Midland Walwyn, now Merrill Lynch, both in Kingston, Ontario where he was Branch Manager and Calgary, Alberta.. He has taught investment courses at the University level and has had over 200 articles published in newspapers and magazines.. He is on the "third generation " with some of the families whose funds he manages..

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  • Title: Foster&Associates :: Contact
    Descriptive info: 372 Bay Street, Suite 1100.. Toronto, Ontario.. M5H 2W9.. Phone:.. Toll Free:.. Fax:.. 416-369-1980.. 1-800-559-8853.. 416-369-1070.. Your name:.. Your e-mail:.. Subject:.. Message:..

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  • Title: Foster&Associates :: Resources
    Descriptive info: BigCharts.. com.. - the worlds coolest investment charting and research site.. Bloomberg.. - providing data, analytics, electronic trading and financial news to the world.. Briefing.. - leading Internet provider of live market analysis on the US stock and US fixed income markets.. FundLibrary.. - Canada's Mutual Fund Resource Centre.. GlobeInvestor.. - provides the  ...   Calculator.. RESP Calculator.. RRSP Loan Planner.. Investment & Regular Deposit.. Investment & Regular Withdrawal.. RIF/LIF/LRIF Calculator.. Mortgage/Loan Amortization Scheduler.. Calculators provided by Mackenzie Financial Corporation are for use as illustrations only.. Foster Associates, its Officers, Directors and Employees do not warrant or assume any liability for information used from these web site links..

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  • Title: Foster & Associates Professional Portfolio Management
    Descriptive info: Home.. I.. Company.. Overview.. Client Services.. Publications.. News.. Contact.. Date:.. URL:.. Print this page.. Welcome to Foster Associates.. At Foster Associates we treat each client and their portfolio individually, tailoring the portfolio to their comfort level and performance expectations.. Foster Associates Financial Services Inc.. 372 Bay Street, Suite 1100, Toronto ON M5H 2W9.. Direct: 416.. 369.. 3203 Toll Free: 800.. 559.. 8853 Fax: 416.. 1070 Email:.. hinnes@fostergroup..

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  • Title: Foster&Associates :: Our Philosophy
    Descriptive info: Foster Associates prides itself on making intelligent, informed and usually rewarding financial suggestions to its clients.. The company's core business is Portfolio Management for individuals and trusts.. Our business is strictly agency in nature meaning we do not underwrite securities.. Our advice to our clients is totally objective given that our research is our own or originates through non-brokerage advisory services.. It is of primary importance to Foster Associates that our clients feel secure that we are serving only their interests.. The client is our employer and we are accountable only to them when we provide financial advice..

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  • Title: Foster&Associates :: Corporate Governance Statement
    Descriptive info: Governance Document.. In accordance with the subject IIROC By-law, Foster Associates Financial Services Inc.. (Foster) has established a governance policy as referenced below.. The purpose of this policy is to establish the role of the firm's officers and their accountability to the operation and performance of Foster.. The appointment of Fosters' Ultimate Designated Person (UDP) is the responsibility of the firms Board of Directors.. The appointment of Fosters' Alternate Designated Person (ADP) and Chief Financial Officer to their positions, and the responsibilities assigned to those positions, is the role of the Ultimate Designated Person for the firm.. The Ultimate Designated Person acts as the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) for the firm.. To appoint the various officers for Foster, a motion is put forth to Fosters Board of Directors for their consideration and acceptance.. It is required that an individual appointed to an officer position has the necessary regulatory qualifications to fulfill their responsibility for the position.. The following individuals currently hold the position and applicable responsibilities for the business activities of Foster:.. Chairman.. William G..  ...   and effective organization.. At least annually, Mr.. Manning reports to the Board of Directors of Foster on the effectiveness of the firms' compliance activities.. The report is reviewed by the Board of Directors to determine what actions are required to deal with any compliance deficiencies.. Alternate Designated Person (ADP).. Gilbert LaBine, Vice President.. As the ADP, Mr.. LaBine reports, as required, to the UDP to ensure the business of Foster is conducted in compliance with the applicable by-laws, regulations and policies and forms, of IIROC.. Chief Financial Officer (CFO).. Yuanyuan (Rick) Li, Vice President.. Mr.. Li is responsible for the financial records of the firm, ensuring a strong capital base in order to meet the regulatory requirements of our industry.. The officers of Foster are appointed by the firms' Board of Directors, each year, immediately following the firms annual shareholder meeting.. The appointment of the firms' directors is approved by the firms' shareholders at the annual meeting.. Minutes of the meeting are maintained by the Secretary for Foster and kept on file for regulatory review..

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