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  • Title: Registration - Congress 2011
    Descriptive info: Save time, register online (from January 11 until June 4, 2011).. By mail:.. Fill out the registration form and mail prior to May 20 to: Congress Secretariat (CFHSS), 300 – 275 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 2L6.. By fax:.. Fill out the registration form and fax prior to May 20 to: Attn: Congress Secretariat, CFHSS, Fax: 613-238-6114.. On site:.. Visit Congress Registration on the fourth floor at the Currie Center on the UNB campus.. Registered delegates can pick-up their name tag and receipt on-site.. Congress Registration will be open in the Currie Center at UNB during the following hours:.. May 27 10:00 18:00.. May 28 7:00 19:00.. May 29 to 31 7:00 18:00.. June 1 to 3 7:30 18:00.. June 4 8:00 11:00.. Payment Options.. Online and by fax: Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express).. By mail: Credit cards, cheque or money order (in Canadian funds, made out to Congress 2011, no postdated cheques).. On-site: Credit cards and Interac only.. *Personal cheques or cash will not be accepted on site.. A $25 administration fee will be added in cases of insufficient funds or invalid credit card numbers.. Refunds: Cancellations will be accepted until April 15, 2011, subject to a $20 processing fee.. No refunds will be possible after this date.. The payment of Congress registration and Association meeting fees are compulsory for every delegate, including speakers, presenters, panelists and  ...   be purchased for advance days.. There are a limited number of day passes offered for each day of Congress.. Passes are not needed to attend Book Fair or for the Big Thinking lecture series.. INTERNATIONAL DELEGATES.. Congress attracts a considerable number of delegates and guest speakers from around the world.. International delegates should confirm whether a visa is required for your entry to Canada.. Citizenship and Immigration Canada.. provides a list of countries for which visa restrictions apply, as well as all other pertinent information you may require before making any travel plans.. Give yourself plenty of time as the entire application process can take several months.. Please note that the registration confirmation you receive from us does not represent an invitation to attend the Congress for visa purposes.. If you have been invited by one of the participating associations, please contact it directly to obtain an official letter.. The Federation is unable to send letters of confirmation of any kind other than the registration confirmation automatically generated and sent, by email only, once your payment has been processed.. Registration Guide.. Schedule of Meetings.. Learn More about Congress Fees.. Technical Support for Online Registration.. Launch of Accord on Research in Education.. Putting the Evidence Back into Evidence-Based Policy Making for Underachieving Students.. Taking Leave of Your Census.. Monica Boyd explains why a voluntary Long form census will be damaging to Canada..

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  • Title: About - Congress 2011
    Descriptive info: The Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences is the premiere destination for Canada s scholarly community.. Organized by the.. Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences.. , Congress brings together thousands of scholars, students, practitioners and policy makers in a different city each year to share ideas, discuss today’s complex issues and enrich their research.. They gather under the aegis of more than 70 associations representing a rich spectrum of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.. From theatre, literature and education to history, sociology and international development, Congress represents a unique showcase of scholarly excellence, creativity, and leadership.. Congress 2011 is  ...   Coasts and Continents: Exploring peoples and places.. The Federation wishes to sincerely thank Linda Kealey, Academic Convenor of Congress 2011, for her vision and leadership, as well as the University of New Brunswick and Saint Thomas University for making it possible to hold this important scholarly gathering in Fredericton.. Finally, the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and the Social Sciences gratefully acknowledges the support of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.. New to Congress? Review.. Why Join Congress? A Guide for Scholarly Associations.. (PDF 733KB) and find out how your association can take part in this exciting conference.. Recruitment of Student Workers..

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  • Title: Organizers - Congress 2011
    Descriptive info: Thank you for all your effort in helping organize Congress 2011.. If you are looking for planning forms or to book rooms, AV or catering, you should login below with your LAC/PC login information.. If you have any trouble logging-in or have questions about reservations or the planning process, please email.. congressinfo@fedcan.. Organizers can download the.. Congress Planning Guide online here.. Click here to access the online request system..

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  • Title: Delegates - Congress 2011
    Descriptive info: Start planning your trip to Congress 2011.. The Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences has several resources that can help you plan for Congress 2011 in Fredericton, New Brunswick.. Dates to Remember.. Congress 2011 runs from May 28 to June 4.. Congress Registration opens January 2011.. Where to stay in Fredericton.. How to get to Fredericton.. Childcare Services.. Accessiblity Services.. Take Your Congress Experience Mobile.. Where to Stay in Fredericton.. Getting Around Fredericton.. Accessibility Services..

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  • Title: Book Fair - Congress 2011
    Descriptive info: The annual Congress Book Fair is the largest multidisciplinary scholarly book fair in North America, attracting over 120 Canadian and international publishers.. Located near the Registration area in the brand-new Richard J.. Currie Centre, the Book Fair will be a hub of activity during Congress 2011.. Browse through scholarly works, fiction, and everything in between, while networking with  ...   some of the many book launches and other events taking place at the Book Fair throughout Congress.. List of Exhibitors at the 2011 Congress Book Fair.. If you are a publisher.. looking for information.. on how to reserve space at Congress 2011 please contact Benoit Gervais by email at.. bgervais@fedcan.. or by phone at 613-238-6112 ext 355.. Exhibitors..

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  • Title: Media - Congress 2011
    Descriptive info: The Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences represents a rich opportunity for journalists to engage with researchers in the social sciences and humanities.. We are now accepting applications for media accreditation for Congress 2011.. Please simply fill out this.. simple online form.. or email.. media@fedcan.. What to expect at Congress 2011:.. Access to world-class research in disciplines across the humanities and social sciences.. Support from the Congress media team to track down researchers, scope  ...   Big Thinking keynote series.. A fully staffed media room with interview room, access to telephone, and Internet connections.. Are you interested in gaining access to the best in Canadian research but are unable to attend Congress 2011 in-person?.. Simply contact our media team.. for support in setting up telephone briefings, accessing Congress abstracts or follow us online with blogs and podcasts from Congress.. 2011 MEDIA ACCREDITATION FORM.. Press releases.. Researcher contact form.. Information for local media..

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  • Title: Program - Congress 2011
    Descriptive info: Big Thinking.. Career Corner.. Cultural Event.. Equity Issues.. Signature Session.. all.. May.. June.. 28.. 29.. 30.. 31.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. Sat.. Sun.. Mon.. Tue.. Wed.. Thu.. Fri.. 7:45.. 8:00.. 9:00.. 6.. 7.. 9.. 8.. 5.. 10:00.. 11:00.. 12:00.. 13:00.. 14:00.. 15:00.. 16:00.. 17:00.. 18:00.. 19:00.. My Calendar.. Create and manage your personalized Congress 2011 calendar.. highlights.. May 29, 10:00.. The Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Jean-Daniel Lafond.. May 28, 19:00.. Franz Liszt, Cultural Diplomat and Voyager.. Alan Walker, Valerie Tryon.. Hungarian Studies Association of Canada..

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  • Title: Mothers, Teachers, and Ambassadors - Congress 2011
    Descriptive info: Jun 4, 2011.. Jacqueline LeBlanc Cormier, Experience Congress 2011.. Parenting a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has its share of challenges.. But Pinar Kocak knows first-hand that these parenting challenges extend beyond the home and enter the classroom.. The University of Lethbridge graduate student recently conducted research on Alberta mothers who chose to home school their ADHD child.. The topic is close to home for Kocak who home schools her 16-year-old ADHD son.. The purpose of the study was to talk to mothers who have considered, who are currently, or who once home schooled their ADHD child and explore the reasons that compelled them to do so.. “(In a communal school), rules and regulations are all there to lead you to a successful school year,” she says.. “In such an environment, students are taught and expected to display certain behaviours, but some children are unable to do so.. Those children who are unable to sustain attention, sit still, wait for their turn, work quietly, listen, comply with their teachers’ instructions, follow through with assignments, and concentrate on the task at hand are all identified as having ADHD.. ”.. In Alberta, ADHD students are excluded from special education coding and funding.. This means the child will not be guaranteed a one-on-one aid, classroom support or modifications, leaving the parents with limited options.. The school will often recommend the child turns to medication.. When the medication works, she says, the results are almost immediate.. But, medication doesn’t always work, or it sometimes comes with nasty side effects.. “The mother is often caught between pressures from school to medicate her child, her own  ...   and provide their children with what they needed when they needed it.. Photo Courtesy of.. Chiot s Run s.. Recent Posts.. RYME Group: Music to Youth s Education System s Ears.. Afghanistan mission not about peacekeeping.. What to do in Fredericton this weekend.. (Français) Le Canada et les réfugiés : une question de contrôle.. Contribution From Communities Key in Reducing Poverty.. (Français) L’intégration des journalistes aux unités de l’armée : des conséquences négatives.. Opposing Viewpoints on Canadian Anti-Terrorism Law.. The Conservative Party s War on Women.. (Français) Français «natif» ou «d’immersion», accepter les erreurs pour favoriser l’intégration.. Lisa Nakamura on Race, Labor, and Indigeneity.. Digitizing Disneyland.. Provincial Governments Making Good Use of Health Data.. Social Sciences Can Improve Health of Canadians.. Sexism in the online gaming world.. Using the arts to break down solitudes.. (Français) Quelle utilité pour les sciences humaines?.. The politics of childcare.. Coverage of the Toyota Recall Crisis.. Teaching Students to Copy Right–Not Wrong.. Beverley Diamond on Indigenous Expressive Culture.. Congress Tweet Chat.. Home is Where the Heart Is.. Access to Healthcare Not Easy For Low-Income Women in Halifax.. Zach Kunuk to attend documentary screening via Skype.. Bribes de réflexion.. “The Monstrously Vacant Bella Swan”.. Women in Times of Conflict.. (Français) Les Voix de L’Acadie Contemporaine.. The epic narrative of pandemics.. Shared responsibility for climate change.. Book launch meet-and-greet at the book fair.. The Politics and Power of Spoken Word Poetry.. Nasty Shadows Explore Nature of Evil in Monster.. H2O: Tropos and Liquid Measure Exhibit at Memorial Hall.. A legal studies perspective on the R.. v.. J.. A.. case.. A Sip of History.. Indigenizing the Academy with Dwayne Donald..

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  • Title: Out of the Ruins: The Wire’s Baltimore - Congress 2011
    Descriptive info: Jun 3, 2011.. Sarah Bernstein, Experience Congress 2011.. McMaster University PhD candidate Sarah Trimble’s paper, “Body-More, Murdaland: Geographies of Gender, Race, and Capital in HBO’s.. The Wire.. ,” reads the show’s Baltimore, Maryland as a space of becoming.. Trimble begins with a discussion of.. ’s second season, which opens with the discovery of thirteen Jane Does in a shipping container in the Baltimore harbor.. The port, in its last stages of physical and economic decay, becomes a site of convergence for space and flesh.. Jump cuts create visual proximities between the embodied vulnerability of trafficked female bodies and the death of work for white, working-class men.. As trafficked bodies, the Jane Does act as economic supplements to working-class labour, while representing, at the same time, the eclipse of the working-class labour sector.. The Jane Does also suggest a “feminization” of work – serving as a reminder that the labour market has shifted in favour of the service industry.. In this way, Trimble sees.. playing with the long (think Imperial) history of gendering  ...   For Trimble, who is interested in finding other ways to read apocalyptic narratives,.. ’s ruined Baltimore develops and rebuilds at the same time as it fissures to reveal the displaced, invisible bodies – the “collateral damage” (incidentally, also the title of the season’s fifteenth episode) of this economic development.. Survivalist readings of apocalyptic narratives amount to a “reconstituting [of] the family around a patriarchal model,” Trimble says.. Finding an alternative reading, she feels, is ethically important.. “I was interested in the suppressed alternative, what happens to women and children in the apocalyptic vision.. Trimble sees.. as exploring the “condition that we live in”: the ways in which city-dwellers inherit proximities and fields of possibility from the city’s “spaces that open and close.. Histories get materialized in our lives and bodies,” she says.. The city-space offers a “spectrum of futures.. The Wire’s.. apocalyptic Baltimore is not just a ruin out of which something can be built; it is a site of excavation where visions and memories themselves resonate.. Photo courtesy.. hirejoejohnson.. at Flickr..

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  • Title: Afghan Detainee Issue Still Unresolved for Canada - Congress 2011
    Descriptive info: Matthew Sheriko, Experience Congress 2011.. The war in Afghanistan has shown an inconsistent commitment to international humanitarian from Canadian forces’.. The treatment of detainees by Canadian forces in Afghanistan was the subject of Marc Gionet’s presentation to the Conference of the Canadian Peace Research Association.. Gionet, a professor of Human Rights at St.. Thomas University in Fredericton and the Director of the Atlantic Human Rights Centre, has been studying the international law violations by Canadian forces with detainees in Afghanistan.. “Canada holds an obligation to contribute towards creating conditions for post-conflict peace.. Neglecting this obligation will undermine expressed objectives of nurturing a democratic society and engaging in the protection and promotion of human rights domestically and internationally,” stated Gionet.. Canada first sent troops to Afghanistan in 2001 as a part of a coalition with the United States and Britain.. Canada plans to pull out the rest of its troops from Afghanistan later this year.. Gionet delved into an issue that brought the Canadian Government under scrutiny from the public in 2009.. They managed to avoid more heat from opposition parties at the time when Parliament was prorogued and hearings suspended.. He highlighted the commitments taken by Canada when they ratified.. Protocols Additional to the Geneva Conventions.. and other international and humanitarian laws.. Agreements the United States didn’t sign.. These commitments made up Canada’s treatment  ...   Government and some have been subsequently tortured in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay.. In 2005, Canada signed an agreement with the Afghan Government that outlined conditions for transferring.. When that was deemed unsatisfactory, a second agreement was signed in 2007.. “The new agreement, you have to give credit, it is an improvement over the initial agreement but it’s still unsatisfactory and it doesn’t mean that Canada is meeting its international obligations.. Gionet emphasized Canada’s commitments that Afghanistan and the US aren’t tied to, but also the disregard of three nation’s shared binding to the.. International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.. “Such disregard for Canada’s international human rights obligations and violations of international law, undermine Canada’s objectives in Afghanistan and doing serious harm towards creating effective conditions for post-conflict peace and a harmonized Afghan society.. He also recognized a trend in Canada that was experienced by other Western nations.. “After 9/11 there was a distinct swing toward massive erosion and clawbacks of specifically civil and political rights.. Since that time, we’ve seen the pendulum come back towards a more centred or balanced focus In terms of how much erosion takes place, is up to the citizenry.. It’s how much we allow and how much we put up with without a fuss.. We need to be very vocal when these incidents are taking place.. Photo: Matthew Sheriko..

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  • Title: Bilingual Theatre: A Natural Evolution - Congress 2011
    Descriptive info: It was only fitting that New Brunswick’s own “blue collar philosopher” would make an appearance at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Fredericton.. But Lucien wasn’t there to talk Marxism.. Lucien is the beloved character created by Marshall Button, New Brunswick playwright, actor and director.. Button (and by association, Lucien) made an appearance at congress to talk about bilingual theatre in Canada’s only bilingual province.. Here’s what Marshall Button had to say on the creation of Lucien and the state of bilingual theatre in New Brunswick:.. Listen here.. ***.. Marshall  ...   performances across Canada, the United States, and overseas in Southern Asia and Afghanistan.. Button is artist in residence at the Capitol Theatre.. He has been artistic director for the Capitol Theatre, the Upper Canada Playhouse, and the Comedy Asylum.. He is the founder of Moncton’s HubCap Comedy Festival and the Capitol School of Performing Arts and has worked as an actor and director for theatre companies across Canada including Theatre New Brunswick, Theatre Aquarius, Neptune, Prairie Theatre Exchange, Théâtre Populaire D’Acadie and the National Arts Centre.. Photo courtesy of Keith Minchin, Faces of Fredericton..

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