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    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Contact Us.. Client Login.. Beacon Securities Limited.. Private Clients.. Institutional.. Careers.. Seminars.. Research.. Advisor Login.. Pride of Place Vignette: Following the Family Beacon.. Since our founding in 1988, we have built our business by focusing on our clients and their goals.. Our clients are individuals.. Our clients are institutions.. Our clients are in Newfoundland, our clients are in British Columbia, and everywhere in between.. They all expect the same thing; quality financial advisory services.. We deliver this through: Guidance, Commitment, Results.. NEWS.. Site Map.. Disclaimer.. Privacy Policy..

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  • Title: Contact Us | www.beaconsecurities.ca
    Descriptive info: Halifax office address:.. 1669 Granville Street.. Halifax, NS.. B3J 1X2.. Institutional.. 800-565-1981.. 902-422-3417 (Local).. 888-635-1707.. Fax Numbers:.. 902-492-1981 (Private Clients).. 902-425-5237 (Institutional).. Toronto office address:.. 11 King St West.. Suite 1550.. Toronto, Ontario.. M5H 4C7.. 416-643-3830..

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  • Title: Account Information | www.beaconsecurities.ca
    Descriptive info: Private Client Staff.. Useful Links.. Client Logins.. Account Information.. Your Beacon Securities Account.. It's cleared through TD Waterhouse Institutional Services.. Your account will begin with '3J'.. My Beacon Account Login.. Your Beacon Securities account.. It's cleared through Multiple Retirement Services Securities Services Inc.. (MRSSSI).. Your account  ...   Login.. Your account held at the fund company.. The fund company sends you an individual statement for your account and it only shows assets at that fund company on the statement.. AGF Account Login.. AIM Trimark Account Login.. Fidelity Investments Account Login.. Mackenzie or MRS Account Login..

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  • Title: Private Clients | www.beaconsecurities.ca
    Descriptive info: Our Services.. Financial Retirement Planning- For now and the future, our advisors have knowledge and experience that can help you with all aspects of your financial well being.. Whether you require basic brokerage services or a comprehensive plan for you and your families' future, our people can help you.. Research analysts provide  ...   issuers from across Canada.. Beacon Securities is please to be able to offer research from TD Waterhouse, one of Canada's largest dealers.. Our Products.. Stocks.. Unit trusts.. Preferred stocks.. New issue bonds.. Mutual funds.. Flow through shares.. Fee based accounts.. Fixed Income Bonds (Government, corporate, strips, T-bills GIC's).. New Issue Public Offerings..

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  • Title: Temporarily Under Construction | www.beaconsecurities.ca
    Descriptive info: Temporarily Under Construction..

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  • Title: Careers | www.beaconsecurities.ca
    Descriptive info: Investment Advisors: Beacon and Beacon Wealth Management are always interested in reviewing applications from Investment Advisors.. Please contact Jane Smith with any applications or to discuss the opportunities..

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  • Title: 2011 Atlantic Canadian Investment Seminar | www.beaconsecurities.ca
    Descriptive info: 2010 Seminars.. 2009 Seminars.. 2008 Seminars.. 2006 Seminars.. 2011 Atlantic Canadian Investment Seminar.. 21st Annual Beacon Atlantic Canadian Investment Seminar.. Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland, St.. Johns, NL, September 28 to 30, 2011.. We recently returned from a successful 21st edition of our annual Atlantic Canadian Investment Seminar.. The event was held in St.. Johns, NL, from September 28-30.. In this section, we provide the presentations of the companies and provinces that joined us.. If you would like to discuss any of the companies  ...   Sep 2011.. Bell Aliant - Sep 2011.. CANMARC - Sep 2011.. Clearwater - Sep 2011.. Crombie REIT - Sep 2011.. Empire - Sep 2011.. Energold - Sep 2011.. Foraco - Sep 2011.. Fortis - Sep 2011.. Geodrill - Sep 2011.. Prov.. of NB - Sep 2011.. of NL - Sep 2011.. of NS - Sep 2011.. High Liner - Sep 2011.. Killam - Sep 2011.. Major Drilling - Sep 2011.. Nalcor / Emera - Sep 2011.. Orbit - Sep 2011.. Plazacorp - 2011..

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  • Title: Research Information | www.beaconsecurities.ca
    Descriptive info: Research Analysts.. Register.. Research Information.. Our team of research professionals uses Beacon's position to deliver high-quality, accurate and independent analysis of public companies with an 'on the ground' slant to provide clients with a unique perspective.. We cover selected sectors, major regional companies and unknown stories; we also monitor up and coming stories on the East Coast to give clients the earliest possible opportunity to become involved.. We believe that many of Atlantic Canada's public companies are under-covered by the street,  ...   visits with clients and covered company management.. Working with our sales people in Halifax, Montreal and Toronto, we deliver timely, informative and relevant research to our valued clients.. We currently provide coverage of:.. BIOX Corp.. Cabo Drilling.. Clearwater Seafoods Income Fund.. Crombie REIT.. Energold Drilling.. Foraco International.. Geodrill Limited.. High Liner Foods.. Killam Properties Inc.. Major Drilling Group International Inc.. Orbit Garant Drilling.. Plazacorp Retail Properties.. In addition, we follow and have relationships with several other Atlantic Canadian and non-Atlantic companies..

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  • Title: Nova Scotia Come to Life | www.beaconsecurities.ca
    Descriptive info: Nova Scotia Come to Life..

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  • Title: Site map | www.beaconsecurities.ca
    Descriptive info: Site map.. Institutional Staff.. Investment Banking Financing.. Staff..

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  • Title: Disclaimer | www.beaconsecurities.ca
    Descriptive info: Accessing this website indicates your agreement to the terms stated in the Legal Notices (below).. If you do not agree with any of the below terms, do not access the website or any portion of it.. Trademark.. Beacon Securities Ltd, BSL and certain logos, icons and graphics, as well as page designs are the property and trademark of Beacon Securities Ltd.. Unauthorized use, copy or reproduction and distribution of the materials on this site without prior written permission of Beacon Securities is prohibited.. Copying or modifying the research or other materials on this may be a violation of statutory or common law rights and the violator could be subject to legal action.. The Content of this website may be used of personal, non commercial use only and may be displayed on a personal computer or printed for such use.. All material which is printed or displayed must contain notices of the proprietor.. General.. Beacon Securities Ltd is not responsible for direct, indirect special or consequential damages stemming from the use of this website, its content or any software used in conjunction with this website.. This includes but is not limited to the information, documents, third party information and links to other websites.. Beacon Securities Ltd will not be held responsible for any damages arising from the transmittal of confidential client information (not limited to account numbers and names) transmitted to us by you or sent to you by us at your request, via this website.. Information Content.. Beacon Securities Ltd cautions that although care and diligence has been used to compile the information presented on this website, links, data and information may become stale dated before the site is updated.. Beacon Securities Ltd reserves the right to change the content of this website without providing notice to its users.. Beacon Securities Ltd takes no responsibility for any errors or omissions contained herein.. Personal homepages of representatives are under the auspicious of Beacon Securities Ltd however, links to other distributors, information sources and websites are not and the content, opinions and materials presented are neither monitored nor controlled by Beacon Securities Ltd.. Solicitation Advice.. In no way is the information presented here to be interpreted as a solicitation of an order to buy or sell any security.. Beacon Securities Ltd will not accept orders to buy or sell securities by email.. The investment information presented here is not intended to be taken as a personal recommendation.. For personalized investment analysis and recommendations, please contact your representative.. The information on this website is not to be considered as financial, legal, accounting or tax advice.. Links contained on this site are in no way endorsements of the product, content or materials contained on the linked website.. Products and Services detailed on this website are offered only in the jurisdictions where they are legal and are subject to the terms and conditions applicable at the time of issue of the product service or information.. Areas of Business.. Beacon Securities Ltd is a registered Dealer in the Investment Dealers Association of Canada and is registered by various provincial regulators.. Beacon Securities Ltd does not operate outside of Canada and does not solicit business from residents of countries other than Canada.. For a complete list of provinces where Beacon Securities Ltd is registered, please contact us.. Beacon Securities Ltd will not conduct business in provinces where it is not registered to do so.. Persons outside of Canada access this site by choice and acknowledge that it is their personal responsibility  ...   the following trading day.. Orders received after close of the principal marketplace will not be routed to an alternate marketplace.. During the principal marketplace s operating hours, any orders received will route to the best market at that time.. Best market refers to the market, accessible by Beacon Securities, which can provide the best price, or the best likelihood of execution.. Orders not filled immediately will entered into the principal market and remain in that market until the order is filled, cancelled, changed, or expires.. Changes made to any outstanding orders, or portion remaining of outstanding orders, will receive the same order routing conditions as if it were a new order.. The changed order will be entered into the best market, and unfilled portion of orders will default to the principal market.. Order Execution.. There are certain order types which may be handled differently and have implications within an environment where alternate marketplaces exist.. DAY ORDERS.. - A day order is an order received that will expire at the end of the day if not executed the same day order is received.. All unfilled day orders, or portions of unfilled day orders expire at the close of the principal market.. GTC (Good Till Cancelled) or Open Order.. - GTC orders will not expire until a specific date agreed upon.. GTC or open orders are entered into the principal market place if not executable on any of the marketplaces at the time of entry.. Orders remain on the principal market until filled, expires, or is cancelled.. Market Orders.. - Market order is an order to buy or sell a security at the best available prices at the time of entry.. These orders are time sensitive and require completion immediately.. These orders will expire, if not filled in full, on the marketplace where the last portion of the order remains live, at the close of the marketplace.. Limit Orders.. - Limit orders have specific minimum sale price or maximum purchase price.. Any limit order received prior to open of the principal market will not be book to alternate marketplaces, but will be booked to the principal market for the open.. Limit orders received during the hours of operation of the principal market will be routed to the market where the best price may be obtained.. Any unfilled portions of a limit order will be booked to the principal market, where the remaining portion will remain live.. Special Term Orders.. - Special Terms Orders ( STO ) are orders with specific terms that are not executable in the regular marketplace.. STOs will be entered into the Special Terms Market of the principal marketplace unless they are immediately executable on an alternative marketplace at the time of entry.. An STO, which is not filled, will expire on the close of business of the marketplace on which it has been entered.. Market on Close Orders.. - A Market on Close ( MOC ) order must trade on the close, at the calculated closing price, of the principal marketplace.. Currently the TSX is the only marketplace that offers a MOC facility.. All MOC orders will therefore be entered into the TSX, as the principal marketplace.. Please be advised that this is an anonymous price facility.. Therefore you do not know the price at which you will be executed until after execution has completed.. Limit orders are allowed but may, by the nature of a limit order, negate execution.. For further details of this facility, please contact your Investment Advisor or Trader..

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    Archived pages: 45