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  • Title: Home Page - Bridgeway Foundation
    Descriptive info: .. HOME.. Bridgeway Foundation.. Skip to navigation [n].. Skip to content [c].. Skip to footer [f].. Navigation.. About Us.. [1].. Introduction.. Vision, Mission & Values.. Partnerships.. People.. Staff.. Board.. Grantmaking Committee.. Contact Us.. Partner.. Step 1: Think.. Step 1a: Think alignment.. Step 1b: Think best practice.. Step 1c: Think concept.. Step 2: Apply.. Step 3: Meet.. Step 4: Report.. Grants.. Grants 2011.. Stronger Together 2011 Grants.. Innovation Fund.. Cambridge Fund.. Grants 2010.. Stronger Together 2010 Grants.. Grants 2007.. Capacity Building Fund.. Grants 2006.. Program Fund.. Project Fund.. Grants 2005.. Stories.. Current stories.. Archived stories.. Resources.. News.. Archived news.. Downloads.. Annual Reports.. Presentations.. Application & Report Templates.. Photo Gallery.. Media Centre.. Links.. FAQs.. on Applying.. on Bridgeway.. on Eligibility.. on Grants.. on Miscellany.. About Bridgeway.. Bridgeway Foundation is a private family foundation.. based in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.. Years ago, the founders created this structure in response to a yearning to practically live out their Christian faith.. Over time, a refined vision has emerged - building charity capacity and stimulating innovative programs.. more.. PARTNER.. The Four Step Process:.. If you have an idea you would like to propose for a possible Bridgeway partnership, please follow the four  ...   Canada.. A three-year grant to establish a community and administrative.. Grant Archive.. STORIES.. The results of philanthropy.. impact people and communities whose lives are changed for the better.. Read stories from our partners who share what has happened.. Remember Rachel: The persistent work of Ottawa Innercity Ministries.. Written by Ken MacLaren, Executive Director, Ottawa Innercity Ministries Here begins the telling of a tale that needs to be told: two months ago she was homeless on the streets of Ottawa, working the streets to support her drug habit, in a pure.. Story Archive.. Bridgeway's grantmaking agenda in 2012.. Sharing space in Central Alberta for more effective youth outreach.. Brent Fearon named acting Executive Director.. Just announced grants for December 2011.. Announcing new grants available in 2012 with Stronger Together.. Archives.. Sign-Up.. Want to Get News Delivered.. To Your Inbox?.. Enter your e-mail address in the box below and press join now!.. E-mail Address:.. Submit.. Faqs.. My organization has not yet obtained Canadian charitable status.. Can we still apply?.. ANSWER.. About us.. [2].. [3].. [4].. [5].. Contact.. [9].. Site Map.. [0].. All information on this site is Copyright 2012, Bridgeway Foundation.. Privacy Policy.. Member Sign-In.. Powered by Radiant..

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  • Title: Introduction - Bridgeway Foundation
    Descriptive info: About Us ~.. Bridgeway Foundation was formed in 1980.. The founders, Reg and Carol Petersen, committed to supporting charitable projects that reflected their priorities as visionary entrepreneurs, yet which were rooted in the compassion that rises from the Christian faith.. With the sale of the family business in 1997, Bridgeway was endowed with the  ...   non-profit organizations that bring transformation to communities around the world.. In 2001 it further articulated its values and created a series of criteria, which have enabled the directors to select projects that conform to its goals and objectives.. By the end of 2007, Bridgeway had disbursed more than $25 million to its Canadian charitable partners..

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  • Title: Vision, Mission & Values - Bridgeway Foundation
    Descriptive info: Vision.. Humbled by Jesus life, we envision a bold philanthropy that stretches the ability of people and organizations to learn and serve at the margins.. Mission.. Bridgeway Foundation will stimulate innovation within the social sector and strengthen organizations capacities to serve in.. Canada.. and the world.. This will be accomplished through careful financial and relational partnerships with other risk-taking donors and charities to sow seeds of transformation in communities.. Values.. Bridgeway's values guided in the development of our vision and mission statements.. We hold the following values that we desire will characterize our organization:.. Christian.. : As Christians, we believe we need to live out our faith with not just words, but actions.. Transformational.. :  ...   we are a private family foundation, we believe we have a public duty to model openness regarding our grantmaking decisions and the resulting impact of our philanthropy.. A word on faith.. Far from being a privatized expression of one's religious sentiments, personal beliefs can play a positive, active role in societies around the world, including Canada.. Faith - or the lack of faith - weaves its expression through all that we do.. It must do so, however, in an appropriate fashion which respects alternative points of view.. Bridgeway seeks projects which engage in public, relevant expressions of the Christian faith, and/or explore how this faith positively contributes to the greater social good for all people..

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  • Title: Partnerships - Bridgeway Foundation
    Descriptive info: Bridgeway s board recently reaffirmed its intent to continue existing relationships as well as seek new partnerships with two distinct types of charitable groups:.. --Cambridge, Ontario community charities serving people in need in our local area.. --Canadian Christian charities which enable people to serve outside their faith communities.. The profile of charitable organization that we seek to partner with is: one which is ready to take risks, is at the edge of innovative practices, is organizationally healthy, and is actively offering relevant and effective services to people in communities across Canada and around the world.. Bridgeway s role is to provide the encouragement and means for our partners to stretch beyond their  ...   the.. Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.. , as are many of our grantee partners.. In addition, we favour organizations valuing organizational accountability and integrity.. Having the.. Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC).. seal of financial accountability is one way that an organization can demonstrate that they have achieved these standards.. In 2009, Bridgeway Foundation has also become a member of.. Philanthropic Foundations Canada.. , a national membership association for Canada's independent grantmaking foundations.. Finally, in the course of our work, we frequently encounter other donors who desire to make a difference in the world.. Bridgeway Foundation actively seeks partnerships (formal and informal) with donor groups as well as charities to advance charitable objectives..

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  • Title: People - Bridgeway Foundation
    Descriptive info: Click on the tabs to the right to learn more about Bridgeway's staff, board, and grantmaking committee..

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  • Title: Staff - Bridgeway Foundation
    Descriptive info: Brent Fearon.. [Acting Executive Director].. Carol Petersen.. [Co-Founder & Director of Philanthropy].. Linda Dzelme.. [Administrator]..

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  • Title: Board - Bridgeway Foundation
    Descriptive info: Bridgeway's Board meets twice per year -- in June and December -- and reviews progress against a strategic plan.. Click on the names below for bios on each person.. Reg Petersen.. [Co-Founder].. Amy Campbell.. [Board Member].. Ernest Kennedy..

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  • Title: Grantmaking Committee - Bridgeway Foundation
    Descriptive info: The Grantmaking Committee meets on a quarterly basis to determine partnerships for Bridgeway.. Decisions are made based on an application and other relevant documentation, a site visit, and Bridgeway's assessment of the project.. The Committee is selected by the Members of Bridgeway, as committee responsibilities rotate amongst the membership every two years.. The Founders form an integral part of this Committee, and are not subject to the term limit.. Karen Petersen.. [Member].. Paul Reid.. Melissa Carter.. Lauren Petersen.. Tony Campbell..

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  • Title: Contact Us - Bridgeway Foundation
    Descriptive info: Mailing Address:.. 150 Water Street South.. Suite 202.. Cambridge ON N1R 3E2.. Phone:.. 519.. 740.. 6979.. Toll-free:.. 877.. 393.. 3313.. Fax:.. 9648.. Email:.. info@bridgewayfoundation.. ca.. Office hours:.. Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Eastern.. View Larger Map.. Contact Us Form.. *.. Recipient.. - Select -.. Administrator.. Acting Executive Director.. *-required.. * First Name.. * Last Name.. Organization Name.. Organization URL.. * Email Address.. * Comment.. submit..

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  • Title: Partner - Bridgeway Foundation
    Descriptive info: Partner.. We know your time is important.. For this reason, we have taken great lengths to fully describe the programs and process of partnering with Bridgeway Foundation.. From the information on our website, you should be able to determine if your charitable work is within Bridgeway's funding interests.. Before making an inquiry or application to Bridgeway Foundation, we encourage you to read through this  ...   Additional and helpful information may be found in the.. FAQ section.. on this website.. By first determining your eligibility, and then observing these guidelines, you will minimize your work by focusing attention on the issues we feel important for creating partnerships.. Click here.. to learn about Bridgeway's 2012 funding agenda.. Thanks for considering inviting Bridgeway to partner with you in your Canadian charitable work..

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  • Title: Step 1: Think - Bridgeway Foundation
    Descriptive info: Partner ~.. The process to apply for a partnership with Bridgeway is straightforward, but it s not necessarily easy.. Each step has been carefully designed to determine if your organization and proposed project is the right one for Bridgeway s support.. On these pages you will decide if your organization qualifies for our support.. But take note even when organizations fully meet our criteria, it is impossible to fund every idea that s out there.. There are always some applications that will inevitably be declined.. First of all, Bridgeway works with a specific group of organizations.. Partner criteria are mandated  ...   My organization is a registered Canadian charity [yes/no].. (2) My organization received at least $250,000 in revenue in the last fiscal year, and is experiencing healthy growth [yes/no].. (3) My organization is one of the two following types [yes/no]:.. It is a community-based organization serving citizens of Cambridge, Ontario.. It is a faith-based, Christian organization which exists to serve others.. Can you give an unreserved yes to these three questions? If you can, then continue on below.. If no , then w.. e regret our partnership with your organization is not possible at this time.. Continue with Step 1a: Think Alignment..

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