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  • Title: Brother Brennan Environmental Education Centre
    Descriptive info: .. Environmental Education Commission.. Links.. Jobs.. Contact.. News.. Home.. About Us.. School Program.. Events Workshops.. Booking Renting.. Donate.. Fondly known as 'The Brother Brennan Centre' to thousands of Newfoundland school children, the Environmental Education Centre is a residential outdoor school dedicated to helping students learn about the environment.. It is also a  ...   or simple relaxation.. Learn More About Us.. "Much Ado About.. " Workshops!.. Watch this space for details of "Much Ado About.. " workshops and other events.. More Events.. Copyright 2012 Environmental Education Commission.. All rights reserved.. Environmental Education Commission PO Box 2265, St.. John's, NF A1C 6E6 Phone: 709.. 753.. 1060.. Total Visits:..

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  • Title: Links - Brother Brennan Environmental Education Centre
    Descriptive info: School Links.. Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Education.. Environmental Education Resources.. Salmonier Nature Park.. The Environment Web Directory.. Conservation Corps.. Newfoundland and Labrador Forest Protection Association.. MUN Botanical Garden.. Ducks Unlimited.. Johnson GeoCentre.. The Ecologist On Line.. Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Network.. Newfoundland and Labrador Protected Areas Association.. FUNGI Magazine.. (.. new!.. dedicated to mushrooms).. Funding Sources for Environmental Projects.. Environment Canada EcoAction.. Mountain Equipment Co-op in the Community.. Upcoming Events.. Upcoming News.. Dec 30th, 2010.. Climate Change Challenge Competition.. Workshops upcoming in 2011..

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  • Title: Jobs - Brother Brennan Environmental Education Centre
    Descriptive info: Employment Opportunities.. Permanent Positions.. The Brother Brennan Centre employs permanent seasonal kitchen and maintenance staff.. The environmental education teacher is hired through Eastern School District.. There are currently no vacancies for these positions.. Temporary Positions.. Each spring and fall opportunities arise for environmental education teacher assistants.. These positions are available from early May to late June and mid September to the end of November.. They provide great experience for enthusiastic, energetic, outdoorsy people who are passionate about the environment and have experience working with children.. The ability to be flexible with scheduling, current first-aid certificates and recent RNC certificates of conduct are also required.. Among others,  ...   letter to Helen Spencer, Environmental Education Teacher, 40 Strawberry Marsh Road, St John s, NL, A1B 2V5 or fax it to 709 -753-1145.. Volunteers.. Friends of the Brother Brennan Centre.. are a group of volunteers who host workshops, such as The Much Ado About Painting week-ends.. They sometimes organize fun work week-ends at the Centre and generally support the mission of the Environmental Education Commission Centre in whatever way they can, while having as much fun as they can! New members are always welcome.. Contact.. helenspencer@esdnl.. ca.. if you wish to be added to the Friends email list so that you hear what s going on..

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  • Title: Contact - Brother Brennan Environmental Education Centre
    Descriptive info: Mailing Address:.. P.. O.. Box 2265.. St.. John's, NF.. A1C 6E6.. Centre Phone (seasonal): 709-682-7986.. Phone: 709-753-1060.. *This is a messaging service.. Please leave a detailed message and someone will return your call as soon as possible.. To download our printable brochure in pdf format click.. here.. General enquiries can be made to:.. Jean Harding.. Email:.. j.. harding@bellaliant.. com.. Enquiries from schools should go to:.. Bill Tucker.. billtucker@esdnl.. Phone: 709-753-9124.. Fax: 709-753-1145.. Administrator and Friends.. Admin@brothersbrennancentre..

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  • Title: News - Brother Brennan Environmental Education Centre
    Descriptive info: 12.. 30.. 2010 12:00 pm.. Students who visit the Brother Brennan Centre learn about Climate Change.. A focus for this is provided by two wind-turbines, generously funded through Newfoundland s Green Fund.. Teaching staff at the Brother Brennan Centre encourage students to make choices that will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases they are responsible for causing.. We want to provide a motivation for students to reduce their carbon footprint when they return to school and home.. Since many students express a wish to return to the Centre, we think this might be a good prize.. So, thanks to funds raised from the Much Ado About workshops the Brother Brennan Centre is able to offer a prize of a one night/one day all inclusive visit to the Centre for a class or school club (maximum one bus load).. The winning class must show themselves to be the best green class or club in the Eastern School District.. The competition is open to any class or school club in grades 5 to 12 from the Eastern School District.. The Johnson Geo Centre is also supporting this venture and offering a second prize of half day passes for a class to visit the CEO Centre.. Registration is necessary before January 15, 2011.. For a registration form and details of the competition click.. Plans are already underway for Much Ado About workshops in 2011.. Hopefully Much Ado About Painting #4 will happen and we are hoping to try something new with Much Ado About Fly-fishing and fly-tying.. There is demand for a craft retreat (a whole week-end devoted to doing your favourite craft with the opportunity to learn a new one or two).. Lastly we hope to partner with the Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Educators to offer a hands-on workshop on teaching children in the outdoors..  ...   see and touch the plants and critters that they are being shown and they can ask more questions.. Thank-you to CCNL and Chevron Canada Limited and welcome to Kelly.. Ross Traverse visits the Brother Brennan Centre.. 11.. 16.. 2009 12:00 pm.. Ross Traverse of Traverse Gardens and frequent CBC radio garden advisor visited the Brother Brennan Centre to have a good look around and give some suggestions for landscaping the Brother Brennan Centre with native plants.. He also gave us some ideas for sustainable woodlot management.. We hope to begin to put some of his ideas into action in 2010.. We d like to thank Ross for his time and enthusiasm.. Clean Energy.. 10.. 12.. Thanks to Newfoundland s Green Fund, during the summer of 2009, the Environmental Education Commission was able to install two wind turbines at the Brother Brennan Centre.. Now almost all of the electricity needed at the Centre is produced by these turbines which are located on a hill about 100 meters from the main buildings.. We are proud to have this example of clean energy to show students and we use it as a focus to teach them about climate change and actions that can help reduce production of greenhouse gases.. To learn more about Climate Change go to Stuff for Students page.. The secluded setting of the Brother Brennan Centre provides a wonderful and tranquil venue for a variety of nature and artistic workshops.. To date the.. Friends of the Centre.. have helped organize four events.. If you or your organization wants to host a workshop and needs a venue please consider the Environmental Education Centre.. Meals and accommodation can be provided as required.. For more information on booking the centre see the.. tab.. Our staff will be more than happy to assist you in planning your event..

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  • Title: About Us - Brother Brennan Environmental Education Centre
    Descriptive info: Fondly known as The Brother Brennan Centre to thousands of Newfoundland school children, the Environmental Education Centre is a residential outdoor school dedicated to helping students learn about the environment.. The centre is located in a tranquil, wilderness setting on the Avalon Peninsula only one and a quarter hours from the city of St.. John s, Newfoundland, Canada.. It is the isolated location at the heart of the.. Avalon Forest Ecoregion.. and almost pristine natural habitat immediately surrounding the Environmental Education Centre that make it special.. Nestled on a 12 acre site in the old growth boreal forest of Deer Park, Salmonier, the Environmental Education Centre encompasses several habitat types which are home to a wide variety of wildlife.. Moose, snowshoe hare, fox, beaver, loons and eagles are just a few of the recent sightings.. It is also an excellent  ...   places perfect for relaxing and enjoying the tranquility of Newfoundland s woods, bogs and ponds.. The Centre is located on Father Shea s Pond, where visitors enjoy swimming, fishing (in season) and canoeing.. For canoeists Father Shea s pond is part of a network of ponds leading out to Lockyer s Pond.. The Environmental Education Centre is an excellent setting for various types of hands on training.. Gain experience in such things as orienteering, surveying, woodlot management, geological exploration, botanical and zoological observation, general ecological education, artistic development or stargazing.. The centre is operated by The Environmental Education Commission which is is a non-profit voluntary trust responsible for the management and operation of The Environmental Education Centre (EEC) located in Deer Park, 75 km west of St.. John's, Newfoundland.. About us.. Commission.. Maps Directions.. Mission.. Virtual Tour.. Staff Friends.. Brother Brennan..

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  • Title: School Program - Brother Brennan Environmental Education Centre
    Descriptive info: Designed to help students become more aware of their environment and to enhance personal and social responsibility for environmental action, the Environmental Education Centre is the ideal setting for outdoor education.. Students are totally immersed in environmental education during intensive 2 day / 1 night programs.. Programs are multi-disciplinary and focused on ecological principles and concepts and includes time to pursue a variety of recreational activities such as hiking, campfires, folklore ,  ...   of November and again in May and June.. Curriculum based environmental education programs are developed, booked and implemented by District School in the.. Eastern School District.. The Eastern School District also sponsors the Brother Brennan Environmental Education Centre to help make school programs affordable.. Further details of student activities, organization and.. booking information.. is available by contacting.. School Programs.. Calendar.. List of School Environmental Programs.. School Booking.. Parent Frequently Asked Questions.. School Forms..

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  • Title: Events & Workshops - Brother Brennan Environmental Education Centre
    Descriptive info: Much Ado About Mushrooms.. The fourteen participants of the 2008 MAAM workshop were guided through the truly amazing and beautiful world of fungi by Dr.. Andrus and Maria Voitk.. Hundreds of mushrooms were collected, many were identified, and some eaten!.. Learn More.. Orienteering Championships.. The 2008 Newfoundland and Labrador Orienteering Championships took  ...   event had about one hundred and fifty participants.. Much Ado About Painting.. Click here to see our beautiful works of art.. Click here to view the list of upcoming events on our interactive calendar.. Events.. Past Events.. Directions.. Get Directions to the Brother Brennan Centre.. View map directions to the Centre.. Get Directions..

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  • Title: Booking & Renting - Brother Brennan Environmental Education Centre
    Descriptive info: Registration for Events.. Click here for more info.. Renting.. Rentals are available to public and private groups/organizations who are committed to an environmentally responsible wilderness experience.. View our interactive calendar for upcomming events.. Booking Info..

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  • Title: Donate - Brother Brennan Environmental Education Centre
    Descriptive info: The Brother Brennan Centre, a non-profit, registered charitable organization, is about helping children connect with the natural environment so that they will learn to love it and want to protect it.. You can help this happen by making a donation to one of the following funds:.. The Environmental Education Fund.. Each school child pays $41 towards their stay at the Brother Brennan Centre.. Any amount up to this can make a difference to a single child and their family.. If you wish to make a larger donation it  ...   Brother Brennan Centre has a vision that we role-model what we teach.. We would like to have a vegetable garden, do some landscaping that moose won t munch on, add more renewable energy sources and upgrade the buildings to be more energy efficient and accommodate changing needs.. Donations to this fund can help with specific projects or go where they are currently most needed.. Thank-you for your interest in donating to the Centre.. All donations over $20 will receive an official tax receipt.. Donation form can be accessed here..

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  • Title: About Us - Brother Brennan Environmental Education Centre
    Descriptive info: It is the staff and friends of the Brother Brennan Centre that make it a really special place.. These people are what Brother Brennan would have called his 'kindred spirits'.. In the past few years they have:.. Built The Lodge - a new outdoor classroom.. Obtained snowshoes from MEC to support winter camping.. Created a new website.. Hosted two Much-Ado-About-Mushrooms workshops with Andrus Voitk.. Built outhouses to support winter camping.. Set up orienteering courses and maps.. Hosted two Much-Ado-About-Painting workshops  ...   Much-Ado-About Map and Compass workshop.. Hosted a Mushroom mania week-end.. Celebrated the installation of wind-turbines.. Had a lot of fun!.. They have plans to continue hosting Much-Ado-About workshops, and supporting the Environmental Education s Commission s vision of an organic garden, landscaping with native plants and installing further green technology.. Click on an image for a larger view.. If you would like to be part of this fun and action by becoming a Friend of the Brother Brennan Centre contact..

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