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  • Title: Aga Khan Foundation Canada
    Descriptive info: .. Aga Khan Foundation Canada.. FRANÇAIS.. |.. CONTACT US.. Skip to content.. Home.. About us.. FAQs.. Programming principles.. Monitoring and evaluation.. Contact Us.. Join us.. International Fellowship.. Fellowship Streams.. Postcards.. Fellowship: FAQs.. Career Opportunities.. Media Centre.. Events.. Current Events.. Past Events.. Visit these sites.. Aga Khan Development Network.. With mandates encompassing economic, social and cultural development, the agencies of the AKDN are dedicated to improving living conditions and opportunities for the poor, without regard to their faith, origin or gender.. World Partnership Walk.. The World Partnership Walk is Canada’s largest annual event dedicated to increasing awareness and raising funds to fight global poverty, taking place in ten cities across the country.. World Partnership Golf.. World Partnership Golf is a fun and engaging way to take a swing at global poverty, taking place in seven cities across Canada.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. Aga Khan Foundation Canada is a non-profit international agency that supports social development programs in Asia and Africa.. As a member of the Aga Khan Development Network, AKFC works to address the root causes of poverty: finding and sharing effective and lasting solutions that help improve the quality of life for poor communities.. Our programs focus on four core areas: health, education, rural development and building the capacity of non-governmental organizations.. Gender equity and protecting the environment are integrated into every program.. Read More.. Visit the Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat.. The Delegation of the Ismail Imamat Visitor Program provides the public with an opportunity to explore the striking architectural features of the building.. Read more.. A World of  ...   lecture.. Global Challenges: Multilateral Solutions – Launch of the 2011 Canadian Development Report.. On February 9.. , the.. North-South Institute.. (NSI), in partnership with.. (AKFC), was pleased to unveil the 2011 Canadian Development Report (CDR).. The event was part of International Development Week, which encourages Canadians to engage with Canada’s development community.. AKFC program in India Receives New Support from Government of Canada.. On December 23, the Honourable Beverly J.. Oda, Minister of International Cooperation, announced funding for new development projects of 53 Canadian organizations, including an AKFC-supported project in Bihar, India.. Prime Minister Stephen Harper Announces Support for AKFC Initiative.. On September 20, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced support in New York for several maternal and child health projects, including an Aga Khan Foundation Canada initiative.. 2012-13 Fellowship Program.. The International Fellowship Program applications process has closed for 2012-13.. This life-changing, career-building internship program is an extraordinary opportunity to develop your potential and become a leader in the field of international development.. Learn more about the Program.. What's New.. Dynamic Reference Guide on Youth Employment.. A downloadable resource for programme developers and practitioners interested in youth engagement.. Change in the Making: a Journey in Afghanistan.. Canadian filmmaker Richard Phinney travelled to Afghanistan in 2009 where he found signs of democracy taking root and hope for the future.. Bridges that Unite – a Resource for Teachers.. An innovative global education teaching resource for use in Grades 5-8 Social Studies, Social Sciences and Geography.. Share.. |.. PRIVACY POLICY.. | CHARITABLE REGISTRATION NUMBER: 10007 2586 RR0001 |.. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE..

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  • Title: Aga Khan Foundation Canada
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  • Title: Aga Khan Foundation Canada - Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. This option will not work correctly.. Unfortunately, your browser does not support inline frames.. Main Menu..

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  • Title: Aga Khan Foundation Canada - About us
    Descriptive info: For more than 25 years, Aga Khan Foundation Canada has worked with Canada and Canadians to support sustainable improvements in the quality of life of poor, marginalized communities in Asia and Africa, as well as foster dialogue on critical global issues to enhance Canada’s unique leadership in world affairs.. AKFC is an agency  ...   family of private, non-denominational development agencies with mandates ranging from health and education to architecture, culture, microfinance, disaster reduction, rural development, the promotion of private-sector enterprise and the revitalization of historic cities.. The Network is dedicated to improving living conditions and opportunities for the poor, without regard to their faith, origin or gender..

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  • Title: Aga Khan Foundation Canada - Frequently Asked Questions
    Descriptive info: Frequently Asked Questions.. What is Aga Khan Foundation Canada?.. What are the Foundation's priorities?.. What are the Foundation's programming principles?.. What work does AKFC do in Canada?.. Where does AKFC obtain its funding?.. How is accountability assured in Foundation programming?.. In which countries is AKFC working?.. Who are AKFC's partners in solving the problems of global poverty?.. Q.. Aga Khan Foundation Canada is a non-profit, non-denominational development agency established in 1980 that promotes sustainable and equitable social development.. It is a registered Canadian charity (charitable number: 10007 2586 RR0001), governed by a National Committee.. The Foundation operates on the principle that effective social and economic progress is based on partnership with individuals, communities, businesses, governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).. Many of its efforts are undertaken in partnership with the government of Canada through the Canadian International Development Agency.. AKFC is part of the Aga Khan Development Network, which focuses on social, cultural and economic development.. It was founded by His Highness the Aga Khan in the belief that everyone has the right to the dignity that comes from self-reliance.. Aga Khan Foundation Canada supports development programs that achieve sustainable results over the long term, and that can be ultimately implemented by communities without permanent outside support.. These are programs and initiatives that are cost-effective, sustainable, effectively managed, community-based and adaptable to other contexts.. The Foundation is currently involved in more than 40 development initiatives in Asia and Africa.. We support programs in four important areas - health, education, rural development and strengthening community organizations.. AKFC also pays special attention to the environment, as well as to problems faced by women in developing countries.. AKFC's primary objective is to help create new social and economic opportunities for women and men living in vulnerable communities throughout Asia and Africa.. This is achieved through programs that are based on a number of fundamental programming principles.. All AKFC programs are designed, implemented and managed in collaboration with local staff responding to the needs of local communities.. AKFC makes a long-term investment in the communities it works with to ensure that they achieve sustainable independence.. To achieve sustainability, the Foundation believes it must take a holistic view of development; one that incorporates economic, social and cultural factors to improve a community's overall quality of life.. At the institutional level,  ...   showing Canadians how they can contribute to the solution to world poverty.. Our international management training fellowships are shaping the next generation of global leaders by annually sending dozens of young Canadians abroad to learn about the challenges of development from our in-country partners.. AKFC invites students from developing countries to study in Canada where they can begin to form life-long professional relationships.. The Foundation also sends Canadian specialists overseas to share knowledge and expertise with their colleagues in the developing world.. AKFC regularly contributes to the ongoing dialogue on Canada's development policies.. It collaborates with many Canadian institutions, including University of Guelph, University of Toronto, University of Calgary, Queens University, Ryerson University.. Thanks to the Aga Khan Development Network, AKFC forms a unique link between Canadian development professionals and their colleagues in the developing world.. The Canadian government, through CIDA, provides funding for a number of programs that AKFC supports in developing countries.. AKFC also raises funds for its programs with generous donations from corporations and many thousands of individuals.. Every year the World Partnership Walk and World Partnership Golf tournaments raise millions of dollars that go directly to our programs.. AKFC places great emphasis on effective management and accountability.. Through its affiliation with the Aga Khan Development Network it has established an important "on-the-ground" presence in developing countries.. Highly qualified local staff ensure that resources are used effectively.. Canadian staff visit Foundation projects to assess their programs and make recommendations.. The Foundation asks external organizations such as the World Bank and CIDA to independently monitor and evaluate its projects, and makes these reports available to the public.. Evaluators commissioned by CIDA have strongly endorsed AKFC-supported programs and concluded that AKFC's "stewardship and utilization of donor funds are impeccable.. ".. AKFC has collaborated with a number of institutions and partners on a wide range of projects focused on international development.. These include the Canadian International Development Agency, the Canadian Council for International Cooperation, International Development Research Centre, Harvard University, World Health Organization, World Bank, United Nations Development Fund for Women, Ford Foundation, North-South Institute and Conference Board of Canada.. The Foundation widely disseminates lessons learned from its programs to other development practitioners and policy-makers, actively encourages the replication of successful programs and promotes greater understanding of development issues in Canada and around the world..

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  • Title: Aga Khan Foundation Canada - AKFC's primary programming principles
    Descriptive info: AKFC's primary programming principles.. AKFC facilitates the creation of new social and economic opportunities for women and men living in vulnerable communities throughout Asia and Africa.. This objective is achieved through programs that are based on a number of fundamental principles:.. Local Ownership: Local ownership means that programs are designed, implemented and managed by local people, responding to local priorities.. Central to every AKFC-supported program is the strengthening of local institutions.. These institutions can vary in size, scope and purpose, but always aim to enhance the capacity of vulnerable communities to direct and sustain the process of development.. Geographic Focus: AKFC supports programs grounded in local realities and focused on a specific geographic area.. Once an area is selected, financial and technical resources are devoted to the development of the region, as prioritized by local communities.. In many cases, lessons learned from this focused intervention are shared with a wider audience, influencing national and even international development strategies.. Long-Term Commitment: Much of international development work over the past 50 years has relied on short-term projects that often have little chance of long term sustainability.. AKFC has always supported "program-based" development, investing  ...   capacity to access needed services and produce mutually beneficial relationships.. Integrated Development: The complexity of poverty demands multifaceted solutions.. Inadequate access to education, for example, will not necessarily be improved by building more classrooms and hiring more teachers as long as poor parents cannot afford to send their children to school.. Similarly, health problems demand not only medicines and vaccinations, but also education programs aimed at health awareness, as well as economic and social programs that improve overall living standards.. AKFC programs seek to address the diverse and related causes of poverty faced by these communities.. Results-Oriented: AKFC supports cost-effective programs that achieve a tangible impact.. All programs incorporate a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation component, which allows AKFC and its partners to continually adapt to emerging conditions.. AKFC-supported programs are also highly accountable to donors and provide transparent quarterly reports on all expenditures.. Learning and Innovation: All AKFC-supported programs include a component of active learning, allowing the experience of one program to be shared with a wider audience and replicated elsewhere.. For AKFC, research and learning are essential in the pursuit of innovative approaches to the problems of poverty and isolation..

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  • Title: Aga Khan Foundation Canada - Monitoring and evaluation
    Descriptive info: Programs supported by Aga Khan Foundation Canada have the reputation of delivering substantive and lasting results.. Assessments of AKFC's programs and initiatives by independent monitors have consistently endorsed the Foundation's work, and AKFC is highly regarded by both donors and its peers in the international development community.. An evaluation conducted for the Canadian International Development Agency found that "AKFC likes to take on new challenges and risks and strives for professional results…AKFC is unique in Canada in its ability to 'think big' - to take on new challenges and make them work.. A series of unique evaluations by the World Bank - the first for a non-governmental program  ...   a hopeful prospect that rural development can be made to work.. " In a 2002 report on AKRSP's impact, the World Bank's Operations Evaluation Department gave the program an overall rating of "highly satisfactory," its top technical rating.. The report found that AKRSP has "become a model for rural programs throughout the country and across the globe," contributing to increases in rural incomes, helping village organizations to take ownership of local programs, developing long-term and sustainable projects that bring high returns to the community and playing a key role in building social capital.. "The achievements have been impressive and, unlike many other donor-funded interventions, sustained," the report added..

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  • Title: Aga Khan Foundation Canada - Join Us
    Descriptive info: Join Us.. Getting involved in the work of AKFC is an especially challenging and intensely rewarding experience.. You can become a volunteer and help with our many special events and ongoing activities, such as the.. You can find out about.. career opportunities.. in Canada and in the developing world.. And for young professionals there's a world of experience available through.. overseas internship programs.. and additional learning opportunities.. For more information.. contact us..

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  • Title: Aga Khan Foundation Canada - The International Fellowship Program
    Descriptive info: The International Fellowship Program.. Please note: The application process for 2012-13 has been closed.. Applications will open up again in Fall 2012.. Are you committed to making a meaningful change in the world?.. Are you eager to apply your skills in an engaging and challenging overseas internship?.. Make your goals a reality as an AKFC International Fellow!.. A Tradition of Leadership.. Since 1989, more than 350 young individuals have participated in Aga Khan Foundation Canada’s International Fellowship program.. The eight-month overseas internship has proven to be an effective launching pad for diverse careers in the government, non-profit, media and finance sectors.. In a recent survey, 80% of Fellowship Alumni felt that participating in the program  ...   world’s largest and most respected international development agencies.. Potential host countries include Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Mali, Tajikistan, India, and Bangladesh.. Exceptional training and support.. AKFC is committed to ensuring that their Fellows have the support required to succeed in their Fellowship, from pre-departure training to financial support during the overseas placement.. The Fellowship also includes a month-long Management Seminar in Ottawa, where Fellows gain the skills required to contribute effectively to their partner organization through training and workshops led by some of Canada’s foremost experts in the field of international development.. Learn more about the Fellowship Streams.. Read more about our 2011 Fellows.. Listen to testimonials from fellows and facilitators.. Postcards from the Field..

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  • Title: Aga Khan Foundation Canada - Fellowship Streams
    Descriptive info: AKFC offers three distinct Fellowship streams depending on your area of expertise and based on the qualifications and skills you can bring to your partner organization:.. Click here to see sample internship descriptions.. International Development Management (IDM).. Are you passionate about community-led development? Do you have skills or a background in education, environment, social studies, health, or communications?.. IDM Fellowships provide a variety of professional opportunities in research, communications, monitoring and evaluation and administration in the fields of health, education, rural development and strengthening civil society.. "I was able to follow my passion and career development goals in a broader development context while gaining invaluable insights from other development sectors.. ”.. - Jamila Haider (IDM, 2009-10).. Read more about Jamila.. International Microfinance and Microenterprise (IMM).. Are you interested in applying finance and business knowledge in an international context? Do you want to support institutions that meet the financial needs of the  ...   perspective as to how the financial sector, business, and the market as a whole can generate positive social outcomes for ordinary people.. - Graham Sherbut (IMM, 2010-11).. Read more about Graham.. Young Professionals in Media (YPM).. Are you a journalist who wants to cover the changing nature of development by reporting firsthand from the field? Do you have the communications skills and creativity to write a strong story?.. If you have practical experience in journalism and a passion for reporting on development, the YPM stream is for you.. "With globalization, news stories big and small almost always have an international angle.. The YPM program gives aspiring journalists a chance to escape the perspective they grew up in, and see current affairs from a drastically different angle – that of the developing world, which is the angle three quarters of humanity looks out of.. - Arno Kopecky (YPM, 2010-11).. Read more about Arno..

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  • Title: Aga Khan Foundation Canada - Postcards From the Field
    Descriptive info: Postcards From the Field.. Since 1989, over 300 young Canadian professionals have participated in.. the International Fellowship Program.. Read the highlighted voices below to learn about the professional and personal experiences of Fellows living and working abroad.. This is Mopti.. Kira Kumagai, IDM, Mali, 2009/10,.. Why the little children in the Kamareddy Villages scurry to school.. Waheeda Giga, IMM, India, 2008/09.. Breaking Routines in Kenya.. Zulekha Nathoo, YPM, Kenya, 2008/2009.. Road Runners.. Anjali Nayar,YPM, Kenya, 2006/07..

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